How Obama and Biden betrayed the United States

No, Iran nuclear program was not ‘bottled up’

Leaving aside politics, I am concerned that your editorial, “As voting begins, our choice is Joe Biden,” (Oct. 1), incorrectly described the vitally important situation involving Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons.

You said that the Iran deal “had kept Iran’s nuclear program bottled up.” That statement has no basis in fact. In the negotiations toward that deal, our negotiators conceded away any meaningful way to verify Iran’s compliance. We surrendered the IAEA’s right to inspect all facilities. It may inspect only selected ones. Even the limited inspections are often subject to enough advance notice to Iran that its fanatical and ruthless leaders can easily cover up their nuclear efforts. Nothing is “bottled up.” Instead, the deal is like Swiss cheese.

While accepting on faith that Iran would keep its word, we gave it $100 billion, which it is using to fund terrorism and military proxies throughout the Middle East, including Syria and Iraq. Moreover, Iran will have plenty of arms available to purchase, as we  conceded away the UN arms embargo against Iran, which will now expire imminently.

The Day has a right to its political preferences but has an obligation not to make unfounded factual statements.

Mark I. Fishman

President of PRIMER-Connecticut (Promoting Responsibility in Middle East Reporting)

New Haven

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