Babylon the Great Prepares to Nuke up

If START with Russia is not extended, U.S. alerts nuclear weapons, – mass media –

21:17, 30 September 2020

U.S. President Donald Trump


The Administration of U.S. President Donald Trump asked the Strategic Command in Nebraska to estimate how quickly it can remove the nuclear weapon from the storages and load the bombers and submarines with it if the arms control treaty with Russia expires in February as Politico reported.

According to the sources, the request to the Strategic Command is a part of the strategy of pressure on Moscow to reconsider the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) before the presidential elections.

Trump’s administration would like to underline that it seriously treats the stop of the treaty’s action, if Russia does not fulfill the demands of the U.S. The negotiation team suspects that Moscow delays the talks hoping for victory of democrat Joe Biden in the elections. He promised to extend the new treaty on terms which Moscow considered to be more advantageous than those offered by the current White House.

The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between the U.S. and Russia started to act in February 2011. It was concluded for 10 years – until February 2021. Then, the sides should decide whether or not to extend the current agreements or conclude new.

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