The Saudi Horn is ready to Nuke up: Daniel 7

Saudi may have enough uranium deposits to make nuclear fuel

Saudi Arabia may possess uranium ore reserves of more than 90,000 tonnes, enough to successfully produce its own nuclear fuel, The Guardian newspaper reported on Thursday.

The news outlet cites survey reports by Chinese geologists, helping Riyadh to identify its uranium reserves, per the nuclear energy cooperation agreement between the two countries.

According to the documents, the geologists have identified three major deposits in the central and northwestern areas capable of producing more than 90,000 tonnes of uranium.

It added that these were inferred deposits and that further exploration is needed.

Nevertheless, the survey does suggest it is possible that they could provide Saudi Arabia with both fuel for reactors and enough surplus to export.

In August, Saudi Arabia was reported to have constructed an undisclosed facility for processing uranium into so-called yellowcake, which is used in producing nuclear weapons.

Saudi authorities categorically deny such reports.

Meanwhile, The German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, said The U.S. disengagement from Afghanistan and Africa affects the security and defence policy of the EU, which will require the latter to improve its set of tools to deal with regional conflicts.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to lead to even greater instability in our region.

“We are dealing with destabilising actors in a number of countries – just think of Ukraine, Syria or Libya.

“The U.S. is withdrawing not only from Afghanistan but also from Africa.’’

“For the EU, this can only mean one thing: we need a set of tools to resolve conflicts in neighbouring countries.

“And this toolbox, ladies and gentlemen, is our common security and defence policy,’’ Maas said at the opening of the European Centre of Excellence for Civilian Crisis Management in Berlin.

According to the minister, during its presidency in the EU Council, Germany wants to make the coordination of the EU countries in the field of security and defence more effective and permanent.

“To achieve sustainable peace, we need an ‘integrated approach’.

“Consequently, civil crisis management should be at the centre of European foreign and security policy,’’ Maas added.

The Centre of Excellence for Civilian Crisis Management was established in February at Germany’s initiative.

The institution will serve as a centre of knowledge for gathering and sharing national models as well as experiences.

It will also draw up concrete proposals on how European civilian crisis management can be further developed in terms of concept and practice.

On Tuesday, Tehran relayed its concern about alleged secret nuclear-related activities by the Saudis to the International Atomic Energy Agency. (Sputnik/Streetjournal

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