The threat of a Russian nuclear strike: Daniel 7

Russia’s Skyfall missile could launch nuke strike at ANY moment as it circles globe for years, Brit spy chief warns

The Diplomat website quoted anonymous sources inside the US government with knowledge of the state-of-the art weapons programme.

They have described the recent test fire as “moderately successful.”

If ‘Skyfall’ becomes operational, Russia could launch the missiles, prime them to cross the Pacific, go around South America and then penetrate US airspace from the Gulf of Mexico.

Experts say this would force the US to upgrade its air defence network, which currently assumes an air attack would come from the north, west, or east, but not the south.

Vladimir Putin described the missile as ‘a radically new type of weaponry’Credit: AP:Associated Press

A video is said to show the laboratory where the missile was manufacturedCredit: East2west News

Lt Gen Jim Hockenhull was briefing the member of the Five Eyes alliance

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