German intel exposes the Pakistani Nuclear Horn

German intel exposes nefarious Pak designs

•   Sat, Aug 29 2020 03:00:34 PM

New Delhi, Aug 29 (IANS): A domestic intelligence agency for the German state of Saarland has revealed that Pakistan had sought technology for weapons of mass destruction (WMD) “in order to retain a serious deterrent potential against ‘arch enemy’ India”.

“Iran, Pakistan and, to a lesser extent Syria, made efforts to procure goods and know-how for the further development of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems,” an intelligence report released by the West German state Saarland, and accessed by Israel’s leading daily, The Jerusalem Post, has revealed.

The intelligence report titled ‘Overview of the situation’ released last week, noted the apparent illicit nuclear weapons activities of Pakistan in Germany and elsewhere abroad.

Pakistan also operates an extensive nuclear and carrier technology program and continues to endeavour to expand and modernize, in order to retain a serious deterrent potential against the ‘arch enemy’ India. Although Pakistan is largely technically self-sufficient, it needs some key components (including control technology) that are procured abroad,” the newspaper quoted from the 112-page report.

“Counter-terrorism experts have long accused Pakistan of sponsoring and protecting terrorist movements such as the Taliban,” it added.

German intelligence has detailed the operations strategy of Pakistan, Iran and Syria in its annual report.

“The intelligence services of these countries are present with varying staffing levels at the respective official and semi-official representations in Germany and maintain so-called legal residencies there. This refers to the operational bases of a foreign intelligence service, disguised in an official (e.g. embassy, consulate general) or semi-official (e.g. press agency, airline) representation in the host country as a starting point for intelligence activities,” stated the report according to The Jerusalem Post.

“The intelligence staff there, supposedly working as diplomats or journalists, conduct open or covert information gathering themselves or provide support in intelligence operations that are carried out directly by the headquarters of the intelligence services in their home countries. In addition, intelligence services also carry out operations without their legal residences being involved. The focus of their respective procurement activities is based on current political requirements or economic priorities,” the Saarland intelligence document revealed.

Another report on the proliferation of atomic, biological and chemical weapons from Baden-Wurttemberg’s state intelligence agency revealed how countries like Pakistan continue to make illegal procurement efforts in Germany to perfect the range, deployability and impact of their weapons and new weapons systems. As one of the leading industrialized nations and having many high-tech companies, Germany is an important area of operation for such nations.

“Regardless of the number of national and international sanctions and embargoes, countries like Iran, Pakistan and North Korea are making efforts to optimize corresponding technology. Pakistan has for many years been running a comprehensive military nuclear weapons and delivery program in addition to a civilian nuclear program. This is primarily directed against ‘arch-enemy’ India which also has nuclear weapons. For maintenance and development, Pakistan depends, among other things, on obtaining western technology and practices. In addition to the purchase of products (dual-use goods), it is also important to send researchers to universities, institutes or research institutes. This also applies to facilities in Baden-Wurttemberg,” stated the 181-page document.

A top German security panel headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel had also turned down Pakistan’s request for supply of air independent propulsion (AIP) systems for its submarines that would allow them to stay underwater for weeks, the Hindustan Times had reported a few days ago.

The German intelligence authorities have only exposed Pakistan’s double game yet again – that how the country continues to be the biggest refuge for the terrorists and, at the same time, is currently desperately trying to avoid being placed on the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) blacklist.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had yesterday warned that Pakistan’s economy would collapse and the consequences of the blacklisting could be “horrific” with economic conditions becoming akin to those in Iran.

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