The Last Cold War (Revelation 16)

img_1261A new Cold War

by Editor’s Mail , (Last Updated 12 hours ago)

The changing nature of relations of two nuclear-armed and rival countries the US and China will depict their effects on the world. The strategic and economic shift between Iran and India is also isolating the whole region. In 2016 India and Iran signed multiple deals to uplift the Chabahar port against Gwadar Port. They also signed a different trilateral agreement including Afghanistan and Iran to build an alternate trade route to Central Asia through Afghanistan. Chabahar port was understood as a rival port to CPEC.

Although, continuously lame excuses and citing India’s delay in funding. Ostensibly, India was not investing in Iran due to the fear of sanctions from the USA. After withdrawal from the JCPOA Trump administration announced sanctions on whom; who will keep economic relations with Iran. The recent withdrawal of Iran from bilateral agreements is a new strategic shift to counterbalance the USA and India. It is also to be said that China will invest more than US$400 billion, on more than 20 projects in Iran. Including railway lines, special economic zones, to endorse Chabahar port and on infrastructure.

Additionally, China has  Occupied 640 Sq Km of Indian Territory on the eastern side of Ladakh. It is considered as a big strategic move in South Asia.

Moreover, other countries in South-Asia are moving against India and joining the Chinese led block. The Sino- Iran deal will be favorable for China and other neighboring countries. In return for the investment, Iran will provide fossil fuel oil at a low cost of 30%. However, the Iranian supreme leader in recent year’s meeting with Chinese officials showed great interest in linking Chabahar port with CPEC. It will be a great move to counter India, the USA, and all other hostile neighbors through “String of Pearls” and with “Golden Ring”.

Unfortunately, the new cold war is on the rise. The world is dividing into Alliances and Camps again as they were in WW1 and WW2. The US asks China to close Houston consulate as tension rises. It accused China of ramping up spy operations in the USA. It has also imposed sanctions on 11 Chinese companies over Human Rights violations on Uyghur Muslims. The USA also urges India, its close ally to minimize dependence on China.

These changing regional dynamics, allies, and economic moves will determine the fate of Pakistan. The Rising Dragon (China) and the Shitte Muslims Leader (Iran) both are Pakistan’s neighbors. Any strategic move from both of them will forge its effects in Pakistan. Pakistan needs to adopt deftly diplomacy to save herself from any kind of external aggression. In my view, Pakistani leaders should practice their foreign affairs as a neutral state. Since the war on terror, the Taliban’s insurgency, and terrorism with in the country are huge impediments in Pakistan’s economic progress.

Arslan Ashiq

Kot Adu

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