Predicted nuclear winter at the first nuclear war (Revelation 8 )

‘Predicted nuclear winter’ could escalate from India, China clashes 

RMIT’s Joe Siracusa says the dispute between China and India is important as they all “have nuclear weapons,” and the Communist Party should be wary as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi “is not afraid of a war”. India claimed on Tuesday that 20 soldiers were killed by Chinese forces in border clashes which happened after several weeks of stand offs in the western Himalayas. “This clash is in the exact place where China and India fought a war in WWII,” Mr Siracusa told Sky News. He said he believed India will “increasingly turn to Japan, the United States and even to Australia” as clashes continue with China. “I think because of the pressure that China is putting on India, and keep in mind here, the Indians can give the Chinese a lesson here. “In the meantime, I think the Chinese will put a lot of pressure on Pakistan to put a lot of pressure on India”. “In 1962, all these people were going at each other, but they didn’t have nuclear weapons. “Today, all the players in south Asia have nuclear weapons. “And in exchange of 10 or 15 missiles there, warheads, would induce the nuclear winter there that Carl Sagan predicted in the 1980s. “Will they use nuclear weapons for a border dispute … not because they want to, but because it might escalate or accidentally move into that area.” Image: AP

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