Pak, India tension can take an ugly turn (Revelation 8 )

Professor Butt warns: Pak, India tension can take an ugly turn

Posted by abbas

Srinagar, May 15 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, senior Hurriyat leader, Professor Abdul Ghani Butt, has said that Pakistan and India are two nuclear-armed countries of the south Asian region and tension between them can take an ugly turn.

Professor Abdul Ghani Butt in a statement issued in Srinagar said that the challenges posed to the humanity across the world by coronavirus pandemic are getting worse. Therefore, he said, in view of this globalization instead of traditional national politics, new approaches, new attitudes and new perspectives need to be adopted to help resolve the issues.

Professor Abdul Ghani Butt said in view of the prevailing global political situation, the relations between Pakistan and India are of vital importance. He said that the leaders and people of the two countries would have to take positive steps to bring about a positive change in their thinking, approaches and conducts so that the masses could lead a life of peace and security. He said that it would be in the best interest of the rulers of the two countries to initiate negotiations like the civilized nations of the world and resolve their issues by devising a strategy based on the principles and justice.

Professor Butt maintained that Kashmir is the basic issue between the two countries and keeping it unresolved would not be the victory or defeat of any of the two neighbours. However, he said that an acceptable, lasting and honouable settlement of this lingering dispute would be the victory of all, and in this way Pakistan and India would be able to play their part together in view of the changes taking place at the international level.

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