The German Nuclear Horn Remains (Daniel 7:7)

Russia threatens 'countermeasures' to US missile upgrade in ...

Nato warns of Russian threat if nuclear weapons are removed from Germany

NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg warns US nuclear warheads should not be removed from Germany because of threat from Russia.

PUBLISHED: 17:23, Tue, May 12, 2020
UPDATED: 18:00, Tue, May 12, 2020
At present, an estimated 20 US B61 nuclear bombs are stored at the Buchel Airbase in western Germany. Mr Stoltenberg in a piece published by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote: “Around the world, terrorism continues, authoritarian regimes challenge liberal democracies, and we see the proliferation of nuclear weapons to countries like North Korea, as well as the continuing aggressive actions by Russia.” The NATO chief warned Moscow was making developments “significantly in its military capabilities, and especially in its nuclear arsenal”
He added that this is occurring “while NATO views its own nuclear deterrent as a political tool, Russia has firmly integrated its nuclear arsenal into its military strategy.”
He then pointed out that Moscow “has placed nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad, just 500km from Berlin”.
The General added: “Russia has threatened Allies such as Denmark, Poland, and Romania with nuclear strikes.”
He explained that NATO’s nuclear sharing amongst member countries “is a multilateral arrangement that ensures the benefits, responsibilities, and risks of nuclear deterrence are shared among allies.”
He wrote in his op-ed: “Politically, this is significant. It means that participating allies, like Germany, make joint decisions on nuclear policy and planning, and maintain appropriate equipment.”
The Russian air force recently tested the new hypersonic aircraft missile that is being modified for a version of the Tu-22M3M bomber aircraft.
A source told TASS news: “Recently, a new hypersonic missile was tested on the Tu-22M3.
“The missile will be part of the armament range of the upgraded Tu-22M3M along with a number of other latest aviation weapons.”
The Russian defense industry has recently developed two types of aircraft hypersonic missiles.L

The Kinzhal is the latest Russian airborne system that consists of a MiG-31K aircraft as a delivery vehicle and a hypersonic missile.

The Kinzhal missile is the airborne version of the Iskander tactical missile system.

Another hypersonic missile was created for the Su-57 fifth-generation fighter.

But, amid the perceived threats from Moscow, a member of Chancellor Merkel’s governing coalition has argued for the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from the country’s airbases.

German opposition party the SPD has also demanded that US nuclear weapons should be removed from Germany.

The general’s claims that it is only Russia that is integrating nuclear weapons into its mainstream military is not wholly true, as the US scrapped the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty for that very reason.

The US also withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 2019.

The US has not maintained an interest in advancing the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, called New START.

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