Kashmir: A Nuclear Trigger (Revelation 8 )

Kashmir: A nuclear tinderbox

by Editor’s Mail , (Last Updated 13 hours ago)

Some people wish than an Indo-Pak nuclear confrontation was a myth rather than a reality. But, John Thomson, in his article ‘Kashmir: the Most Dangerous Place in the World’ thinks otherwise (Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu, Bushra Asif and Cyrus Samii (eds), ‘Kashmir: New Voices, New Approaches’). He gives cogent arguments to prove that the Kashmir issue could once again spark another Indo-Pak military confrontation with concomitant risks of a nuclear war. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, also, inter alia, points out that ‘avoiding nuclear war in South Asia will require political breakthroughs in India-Pakistan’. India has been gearing up for a nuclear attack. It held mock exercises to withstand a nuclear attack (the Washington Post, January 22, 2013). The former Indian National Security Advisor Brajesh Mishra during an interview with the NDTV revealed that a letter given to President Clinton by PM Vajpayee had hinted that India was contemplating crossing the LoC as well as using nuclear weapons if Pakistan did not pull out its fighters from Kargil (Foreign Policy News, July 31, 2016). President Bill Clinton, on the eve of his visit to the subcontinent, called the ceasefire line that divides Kashmir ‘the most dangerous place in the world’ (the Independent, UK, dated March 18, 2000).

In an editorial, the Hindustan Times of January 28, commented that Indian Army Chief’s statements ‘provided Pakistan with an excuse to build short range, nuclear-capable missiles, like Nasr, to target Indian formations undertaking conventional strikes. Pakistan is now flaunting Nasr.’ Besides Nasr, Pakistan now has 52 Chinese Sh-15 Howitzer Guns (American equivalent M-777). These guns could fire nuclear tactical-nuclear-weapon projectiles up to a distance of 53 kilometres. India is unmindful of the possibility that its belligerence could lead to a nuclear confrontation.

Mohammad Asad Malick


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