Babylon the Great Prepares for the End (Revelation 16)

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New first-strike nuclear warhead invites a holocaust

The media are saturating us daily with Donald Trump’s impeachment woes.

But there is a far greater, far more urgent issue that should be headlined globally: The United States military is introducing the W76-2, a nuclear warhead for our Trident fleet.The W76-2 is a modernized strategic nuke designed for first-strike use. This is the horror our brilliant military strategists and nuclear priesthood believe and now advocate; the finest use of the “W76-2” in key situations.

As a nation we are moving ahead and embracing a first-strike nuclear option. One Trident submarine could end life as we know it on planet earth. One Trident submarine has the equivalent fire power of 1,825 Hiroshima bombs.What should alarm and terrify every sentient creature on the planet is the reality that the United States is again planning and advocating first-strike options.

I suggest that our drift towards nuclear catastrophe and global annihilation trumpets and dwarfs the attention paid to the worst president in U.S. history. Citizens need to unite around this issue. The simple truth is this: One Trident submarine could unleash a holocaust that makes the worst of Nazi Germany’s horrors look like a school yard fire drill. That we are inching inexorably towards global extinction demands our full attention and dwarfs the banal self serving criminality that defines Donald Trump.

Jim Sawyer


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