An Iranian Taunt Before The Terror


1/5/2020 12:09 PM PT

12:09 PM PT — According to reports, the U.S. embassy in Baghdad — where Soleimani was killed — has been hit in a rocket attack.It’s said to have been the second such attack in days. No word yet on any American casualties, but civilian casualties have been reported in the area.

Iran has already given a taste of its promised retaliation against the U.S. for killing one of its top military generals — and it seems more and more threats are pouring in by the day.

For starters, a U.S. government website for the Federal Depository Library Program appeared to have been hacked Saturday by folks claiming to be working on behalf of Iran. They posted a photo-shopped pic of Trump getting punched by an Iranian fist, leaving him bloodied.

The hackers also left an ominous message on the page … “Hacked By Iran Cyber Security Group HackerS … This is only a small part of Iran’s cyber ability! We’re always ready.”

On Sunday, more warnings were coming out of Iran — where the country held a funeral service in the city of Ahvaz for the slain General Qassem Soleimani, who was taken out in a U.S. drone strike in Baghdad a few days ago … at the behest of President Trump.

Reports say top Iranian officials made speeches to the tens of thousands of people who came out for the procession … and, apparently, there was talk of attacking the WH and bringing the conflict to American soil. The droves of bodies lining the streets and bridges was a surreal sight … and not in a good way. This guy was obviously beloved there, despite being credited with orchestrating attacks that killed tons of Americans over the years.

And yet … even more bad news followed. According to Iranian state TV ... the country has vowed to completely stop abiding by Obama’s 2015 nuclear deal, which limited enrichment of their uranium stockpile (y’know, the stuff used to make nukes and bombs and such).

Insert KC Green’s “This Is Fine” meme here … 😬

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