The “Zone” of the Sixth Seal (Revelation 6:12)

Matt Fagan, Staff writer, @fagan_nj

It had been relatively quiet this year, until geologists recorded a 1.3 magnitude quake last weekend in Morris Plains, and then a 1.0 magnitude quake Saturday in Morristown.

Last weekend’s tremor was reported by Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Observatory to the Morris Plains Police Department, which issued an advisory to residents on Monday morning.

Lamont-Doherty spokesman Kevin Krajick said the quake was pinpointed to a shallow depth of 6 kilometers just north of Grannis Avenue, between Mountain and Sun Valley ways, about 500 feet southeast of Mountain way School.

Rutgers Newark geology professor talks about earthquakes in northern New Jersey. Matt Fagan/

“It was a very small earthquake at a very shallow depth,” Krajick said. “Most people would not feel an earthquake that small unless they were absolutely right under it, if that.”

“To date (there) were no reported injuries or damage related to the earthquake and no Morris Plains residents reported any activity to this agency,” according to Morris Plains police Chief Jason Kohn

On the other hand, Butler Police Lt. Mike Moeller said his department received “a bunch of calls about it, between 9:30 and 10:30 p.m.”

Saturday’s earthquake was so minor that Morristown police said they received no calls from residents

Earthquakes are generally less frequent and less intense in the Northeast compared to the U.S. Pacific Coast, according to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. But due to geological differences between the regions, earthquakes of similar magnitude affect an area 10 times larger in the Northeast compared to the West Coast.

The 16 tremors recorded in 2016 were minor, generally 1 or 2 magnitude, often misinterpreted as explosions, said Alexander Gates, geology professor at Rutgers University Newark campus.

“A lot of people in Butler felt them over the course of the last year, but a lot of them didn’t know it was an earthquake,” Gates said.

Butler is the borough, but also the name of the fault that sits at the end of aseries of others belonging to the Ramapo Fault, Gates said.

The Ramapo fault, Gates said, is the longest in the Northeast and runs from Pennnsylvania through New Jersey, snaking northeast through Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, Passaic, and Bergen counties before coming to an end in New York’s Westchester County, not far from the Indian Point Energy Center, a nuclear power plant.

“I’d be willing to bet that you’d have to go all the way to Canada and all the way to South Carolina before you’d get one that active,” Gates said of the area which runs from the New York state line in the Ringwood and Mahwah area down to Butler and central Passaic County, Gates said.

Of last year’s 16 earthquakes, 12 were directly associated with the faults around Butler, Gates said.

Butler Councilman Ray Verdonik said area residents are well aware of the frequency of earthquakes and agrees they are often difficult to discern.

During one earthquake, the councilman said he and his neighbors rushed from their homes.

“We thought it was from Picatinny Arsenal or a sonic boom.” he said.

Won-Young Kim, director of the  Lamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismographic Network, which  monitors earthquakes in the Northeast, said often very shallow, the low magnitude quakes’ waves cause much ground motion. He said even though the waves don’t travel very far, they can seem more intense than the magnitude suggests.

They may not topple chimneys, he said but can crack foundations and frighten residents.

To put earthquake magnitudes in perspective, experts said each year there are about 900,000 earthquakes of 2.5 magnitude or less recorded annually by seismograph. These mild tremors are usually not felt.

There are 30,000 that measure between 2.5 and 5.4, and these are often felt, but cause minor damage.

About 500 quakes worldwide are recorded between 5.5 and 6 magnitude per year and cause slight damage to buildings and structures.

The 100 that fall within 6.1 and 6.9 may cause lots of damage in populated areas.

The 20 or so which fall within the 7 and 7.9 magnitude per year are considered major and cause serious damage.

Those that measure at 8 or greater can totally destroy communities near the epicenter and average one every five to 10 years.

The earthquake recorded in Mexico last week measured 7.1 magnitude.

Gates said he has identified most of the region’s numerous faults, but has yet to name them all. Among the unnamed include the faults responsible for last year’s quakes in the region.

Earthquakes in this region are intraplate ones,Gates said, meaning they occur within the plates. Earthquakes of this type account for more than 90 percent of the total seismic energy released around the world.

Plates are the masses of the earth’s crust that slowly move, maybe as little as a few centimeters a year to as much 18 centimeters, around the globe. Faults such as the San Andreas are interplate and occur near where two plates meet.

The plate North America rides upon runs from the Mid Atlantic Ridge to the Pacific Coast. The theory is that as plates interact with one another, they create stress within the plate. Faults occur where the crust is weak, Gates said. Earthquakes relieve the built up pressure.

Boston College Geophysics Professor John Ebel said he and a Virginia Tech colleague, believe the seismically active areas in New York and South Carolina are where some 200 million years ago, the plates tried to break off but failed. This led to a weakening of the earth’s crust which makes them susceptible to quakes.

While not predictable, the data collected seem to suggest earthquakes occur somewhat periodically, 40 active years followed by 40 less active, Gates said.

“We are over due for a 3 or 4” magnitude, Gates said. “A 4 you’d feel. It would shake the area. Everybody would be upset.”

Ebel does not fully agree. He said saying “overdue” might be somewhat misleading.  Earthquakes happen through a slow process of rising stress, “like dropping individual grains of sand on the table.”

You never know which grain will cause the table to break, he said.

Still all three experts say statistically it is only a matter time before a magnitude 5 quake is recorded in the northern New Jersey area.

The scientists said quakes in the Northeastern part of the United States tend to come 100 years apart and the last one was recorded in 1884 believed to be centered south of Brooklyn. It toppled chimneys and moved houses from their foundations across the city and as far as Rahway.

Washington D.C. experienced a 5.8 magnitude quake in 2011, which was felt in the Northeast, Gates said. That quake cracked the Washington Monument.

A similar quake was recorded in 1737 in Weehawken, Gates noted.

“Imagine putting a 5.5 magnitude earthquake in Weehawken, New Jersey next to the Bridge, next to the tunnel,” Gates said. “Boy that would be a dangerous one.”

In 2008 Columbia University’s The Earth Institute posted an article titled: “Earthquakes May Endanger New York More Than Thought, Says Study.”

“Today, with so many more buildings and people, a magnitude 5 centered below the city would be extremely attention-getting,” the article’s co-author John Armbruster wrote. “We’d see billions in damage, with some brick buildings falling.”

The threat though, is not tangible to many, Armbruster wrote.

“There is no one now alive to remember that last one, so people tend to forget. And having only a partial 300-year history, we may not have seen everything we could see. There could be surprises — things bigger than we have ever seen,” Armbruster wrote.

The Earth Institute’s article did note New York City added earthquake-resistant building codes in 1995.

New Jersey also began to require earthquake-resistant standards in the 1990s. The state, following the 2011 Virginia quake, now requires lake communities to make dams able to withstand a magnitude 5 earthquake.

The issue, Gates said, is that many of the buildings were built before these codes went into effect. A “sizable” earthquake could cause much damage.

Then there’s the prediction that every 3,400 years this area can expect a quake at 7 magnitude.

According to the Earth Institute article, a  2001 analysis for Bergen County estimates a magnitude 7 quake would destroy 14,000 buildings and damage 180,000 in that area alone.  Likewise, in New York City the damage could easily hit hundreds of billions of dollars.

Ebel noted that depending on the depth and power of a severe quake, damage could be also be wide ranging. In 2011, Washington D.C., 90 miles away from the epicenter, which was located in central Virginia, suffered significant damage.  Cities like Philadelphia fall within that radius.

“The big one could happen tomorrow or 100 years from now. That’s the problem,” Gates said. It geological terms 100 years is just a spit in the ocean, he noted.

Then again North Jersey is more likely to be hit by hurricane in the next three years, Gates added.


Staff Writer William Westhoven contributed to this report.

New Jersey’s top earthquakes

• Dec. 19, 1737 — Weehawken, believed to be a 5-plus magnitude quake, could be very serious if occurred in same spot today.

• Nov. 29, 1783 — Western New Jersey. Geologists are not exactly sure where it happened because area was sparsely populated. Estimated magnitude varies from 4.8 to 5.3. Felt from Pennsylvania to New England.

• Aug. 10, 1884 — A 5.2 earthquake occurred somewhere near Jamaica Bay near Brooklyn. The quake toppled chimneys and moved houses off their foundations as far Rahway.

• The biggest earthquake in the last 45 years of data available form USGS was a 3.8 quake centered in Carneys Point in Salem County on the morning of Feb.28, 1973

• New Jersey has never recorded a fatality due to an earthquake, according to the DEP.

Gaza Terrorist Organization Threatens Israel Outside the Temple Walls

Gaza terrorist organization threatens Israel

Terrorist organization in Gaza warns Israel that in the next escalation, its army will have to deal with attacks along all borders.

The Al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades, the “military wing” of the Popular Resistance Committees terrorist organization, on Wednesday sent a threatening message to Israel in response to the comments of IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi regarding the possibility of Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip.

The organization’s spokesman, Abu Attaiya, said that “residents of the Gaza envelope will not have security as long as the blockade on Gaza is not fully lifted.”

“We are not striving for war, but we will show our enemy our strength if this war that is implied by the enemy is forced upon said,” Abu Attaiya said.

He issued a warning to Israel, saying that the next round of confrontation would be particularly difficult for the IDF.

“It will be a battle on several fronts across borders and the axis of resistance will remain active as long as the ‘occupying enemy’ is on Palestinian soil,” he concluded.

Russia Expands Its Nuclear Horn

Russia shocks world with launch of ‘deadliest ever’ 4th-gen nuclear-powered submarine

By Gerrard Kaonga 12:28, Thu, Dec 26, 2019 | UPDATED: 12:28, Thu, Dec 26, 2019

Russia launches new nuclear powered submarine

Russia’s new Yasen-M nuclear-powered submarine capabilities have been closely guarded by their government but it has seemingly stunned the military world. Russia’s new ships are expected to be able to carry all existing Russian cruise missiles, and potentially more. The ship is also expected to join the Russian navy in 2020.

The launch ceremony was held at the Sevmash shipyard in Russia’s northwestern city of Severodvinsk on Wednesday.

This comes after the shipyard marked its 80th anniversary.

Deputy Director-General of Sevmash Sergey Voronka said that the submarine ceremony was the best way to mark the occasion.

Although the new vessel remains top secret the launch ceremony was released to the general public.

Russia shocks world with launch of ‘ deadliest ever’ 4th-gen nuclear-powered submarine (Image: RT)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has also recently goaded NATO by bragging that Russia is the only country in the world with deadly hypersonic weapons (Image: Getty)

Only the stern of the submarine and its propeller are shown in detail in the video footage.

The new submarine has been called the Novosibirsk is the first mass-produced submarine of its type and is expected to join the navy next year.

The maiden Yasen-M submarine, the Kazan is currently undergoing naval trials and will also be joining the navy in 2020.

Four more types of the submarine type are under construction with an expected two more to be developed later in 2020.

Deputy Director General of Sevmash Sergey Voronka said that the submarine ceremony was the best way to mark the shipyards 80th anniversary (Image: N/A)

Moscow: ‘Gunshots’ heard near Security Service HQ

The details of the new ships have remained scarce but it is believed that they are significantly more advanced than their predecessors.

The new vessels are capable of using every type of Russian naval-based cruise missile, most notably the multi-purpose Kalibr and anti-ship Oniks.

In addition to this, the subs are expected to be able to carry massive 533-mm homing torpedoes.

These speculations have not yet officially been confirmed by the Russian government but Moscow has been clear that it remains keen on fitting new munitions on more of its ships.

Although the new vessel remains top secret the launch ceremony was released to the general public. (Image: RT)

The National Interest called the new vessel a Russian “Christmas gift for the US Navy” and branded it Moscow’s “deadliest submarine ever”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has also recently goaded NATO by bragging that Russia is the only country in the world with deadly hypersonic weapons, which could be equipped with nuclear payloads.

Speaking at a meeting with top military officials, Mr Putin said that for the first time in history, Russia has an edge in designing a new class of weapons, unlike in the past when it was catching up with the US.

He said the first unit equipped with the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle was set to go on duty this month.

More Fighting Between the Indian and Pakistani Horns (Revelation 8 )

Several Killed in Border Clashes Between Pakistan, India

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN – The latest military clashes between Pakistan and India along the disputed Kashmir border are said to have inflicted several casualties on both sides.

The Pakistani army accused Indian forces of starting the skirmishes several days ago and confirmed the killing of two of its soldiers in Dewa Sector on the Line of Control (LoC), which divides Kashmir between the two nuclear-armed rival nations.

Military spokesman Major-General Asif Ghafoor claimed that Pakistani troops retaliated and killed three Indian soldiers.

The Indian military, however, has confirmed the death of one of its officers and a civilian in what it alleged was “unprovoked” fire by Pakistan across the Kashmir frontier, Indian media reported.

Letter to UN

Earlier this month, Pakistan wrote a letter to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to share Islamabad’s concerns over New Delhi’s alleged massive military mobilization, deployment of medium-range missiles in Kashmir and partially removing the border fence.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in his letter warned New Delhi was apparently preparing to stage a cross-border attack on his country. While there has been no reaction from India to the Pakistani assertions, the Indian military chief last week said the situation along the Kashmir LoC “can escalate any time.”

India and Pakistan regularly accuse each other of violating a 2003 cease-fire in the disputed Himalayan region, though officials on both sides admit the mutual truce has been rendered ineffective in recent years.

Bilateral tensions have dangerously escalated since early August when the Indian government unilaterally canceled the semiautonomous status of its portion of Kashmir and divided it into two federally administered union territories.

Pakistan has rejected the move and downgraded diplomatic ties with India, saying Kashmir is an internationally recognized disputed territory under U.N. Security Council resolutions.

Kashmir wars

India and Pakistan have fought two of their three wars over Kashmir and came close to a fourth war in February when a suicide bombing in Kashmir, allegedly planned by a Pakistani militant group, killed 40 Indian soldiers.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi again alleged Thursday that India’s escalatory actions in Kashmir are meant to divert international attention from “extreme measures” imposed by New Delhi to suppress reaction and dissent in the only Muslim majority Indian region.

Indian authorities have placed Kashmir under a communication blackout, effectively cutting millions of Kashmiris off from the rest of the world for months, though some of those restrictions have been eased in recent weeks.

How Obama Betrayed the United States

Obama Obstructed ‘Caesar Act’ to Save the Nuclear Deal With Iran


Washington – Asharq Al-Awsat

Why was there a five-year delay in passing the Caesar Act? What was stopping the US administration? Bilal Farouk, a member of the Syrian-American Council, says that after “Caesar” arrived at the United States, in an attempt to prepare the Act, “we knew the reasons preventing the Act from being passed in Congress and the person who had been disrupting the process.”

Bilal adds that after Caesar left Syria and with the aid of jurists to permit him to share the documents he had attained, he was listened to in the beginning, in an attempt to figure out whether or not any Americans were among those who were murdered. This would have allowed for the issue to become one of the US public opinions. However, after seeing the images, it became apparent that the problem was much bigger than that. It became evident that the issue went beyond imposing sanctions to protect civilians.

When the Act was proposed at the beginning of 2016, Barack Obama was still the President of the United States. When the Act was drafted, the tone was different; it had humane objectives to protect civilians and prisoners. It did not include international sanctions on other countries and did not include the oil industry or the army. It was widely supported, and it was imagined that it would pass through the parliament.

At the end of his term, Obama was ready to celebrate the nuclear deal with Iran. He feared that passing this Act may affect the nuclear deal. He called the Speaker of the House of Representatives at the time, Nancy Pelosi, on Friday, only a few days before the Congress was supposed to vote on the Act. According to reliable sources from Pelosi’s office, he asked her to withdraw the vote.

After that, civil organizations that followed up the issue tried, once again, in the hopes that it would be re-proposed for voting. In the beginning, the process of passing the legislation was that of independent Act, and it was supported by the vast majority of the Congress. This is what happened after Trump was elected, and the Republicans took over the Senate. The Republican Senator of Kentucky, Rand Paul, known for his relations with Russia and for supporting Bashar Assad, prevented it from being passed in the Senate because this type of Act cannot pass without getting the vote of the entire Senate.

Rand Paul disrupted the passing of the Act in the Senate for three years. He would bounce it back to Congress to vote on it and refer it to the Senate to no avail. Consequently, Syrian organizations decided to communicate with US attorneys and civil organizations to find a way to pass the Act. It was agreed that the Act would be included in the budget Act of the Department of Defense. That way, it would not need to be approved by the entire Senate. It received 74 votes.

Last year, there was an attempt to include the Caesar Act in the budget, but it was challenged by problems that faced Trump in Congress after Democrats took over. This led to a shutting down of the US Government for 35 days as a result of Trump’s insistence on including the infamous wall on the border of Mexico in the budget. This suspended the ability to pass any proposition or Act during that time, primarily that the budget cannot be referred to the President to be signed unless it received partisan agreement and the majority of both Congress and Senate members.

This year it was different; Syrian organizations succeeded in including the Caesar Act in the budget.

Bilal concludes by saying that “Caesar” was documenting the corpses and linking them to the victim’s name and number, so the information he was gathering was dangerous. He confirmed that “Caesar” is not in the US and that he goes to Washington from time to time to meet with Congress members and US security agencies. However, he worries that if his identity was revealed, he would be murdered by the Russian, Syrian, or Iranian security agencies. This is what has happened and continues to happen to others.

The Hypocrisy of Khamenei (Daniel 8:4)

Imam Khamenei advises Christians to adhere to righteousness

December 25, 2019 – 5:49 PM

Source : IRNA

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in a message advised followers of the Jesus Christ together with Muslims to adhere to righteousness.

AhlulBayt News Agency

(ABNA): Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in a message advised followers of the Jesus Christ together with Muslims to adhere to righteousness.

“The honor #Muslims attribute to #JesusChrist (pbuh) is no less than his position and merit in the eyes of the Christian believers in Christianity,” Supreme Leader wrote in his Twitter account.

“The guidance of #Jesus, the son of #Mary (peace be upon our Prophet and her) is guidance towards worshiping #God and confronting the Pharaohs and tyrants,” he said adding

“Following #JesusChrist requires adherence to righteousness and abhorrence of anti-righteous powers, and it is hoped that #Christians and #Muslims in every part of the world will adhere to this great lesson from Jesus (pbuh) in their lives and deeds,” he reiterated.

Christians celebrate the birth of Holy prophet Jesus Christ (PBUH) on Dec 25.

Earlier, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a message extended congratulations to Christian compatriots on Christmas.

“Wishing my Christian compatriots, and all across our globe who are observing, a very Happy Christmas and a joyous, peaceful holiday season,” Zarif tweeted on Tuesday.

‌”The birth of Jesus Christ is a wondrous occasion to celebrate,” he added.

Netanyahu Rushed Offstage as Rocket Fired from Outside the Temple Walls

Netanyahu rushed offstage as rocket fired from Gaza into Israel

Jerusalem (CNN) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was taken off the stage at a campaign event in southern Israel Wednesday night as a rocket was fired from Gaza toward the city of Ashkelon, just one day before the 70-year-old Israeli leader faces a leadership challenge within his Likud party.

About two minutes after Netanyahu was introduced, video from the event shows Netanyahu being led away by security as the crowd chants “Bibi, Bibi!”

The event organizer tells attendees there is a red alert in Ashkelon, warning of incoming rocket fire. He then says there is no need to worry.

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), one rocket was fired from Gaza toward Israel and was intercepted by the Iron Dome aerial defense system.

Netanyahu returned to the stage about 12 minutes later, as the crowd again chants “Bibi!”

A virtually identical situation occurred before the elections in September. Netanyahu was holding a campaign rally in the city of Ashdod, a few miles north of Ashkelon. Rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, forcing security to escort Netanyahu off the stage. He returned a short time later to finish his speech.

Netanyahu responded Wednesday to the rocket fire on Twitter, saying, “He who fired last time is not with us. Whomever who fired this time should pack his belongings.”

Netanyahu is referring to Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu al-Ata, whom Israel blamed for the September rocket fire. An IDF strike killed him last month.

No one has claimed responsibility for the rocket fired Wednesday evening.