Israel Attacks the Iranian Nuclear Horn

World War 3 alert: Nuclear missile panic as Israel fires mystery rocket ‘aimed at Iran’

A NUCLEAR-capable missile caused panic as Israel’s latest military test on Friday is shrouded in mystery and secrecy.

Israel: Missile soars above Tel Aviv in test launch

Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif argued Israel’s latest military test was more concerning than they had let on and hinted at it being a nuclear missile warning. Israel’s Ministry of Defence wrote on their Twitter page yesterday: “A few minutes ago, the defence establishment conducted a test of a rocket propulsion system, from a base in central Israel. The test was pre-determined and took place according to plan.” 

Mr Zarif said: “Today tested a nuke-missile, aimed at Iran.”

He also lamented that the West does not complain “about the only nuclear arsenal in West Asia but has fits of apoplexy over our conventional defensive rockets.”

Israel’s military have remained relatively quiet regarding the specifics of their latest test.

Footage from civilians has begun surfacing on social media as speculation continues.

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Israel Iran ww3

An Israeli missile launched from the Iron Dome defence missile system in November 2019 (Image: Getty)

Israel Iran world war 3

Social Media videos of the rocket began surfacing on social media after the launch (Image: RebeccaRambar)

Israel’s defence ministry also failed to disclose the location of the predetermined test.

Some have speculated that the test was likely to have taken place at the Palmachim airbase situated south of Tel Aviv due to the trail of smoke left by the rocket.

The military installation is believed to have a launchpad for Israel’s Jericho ballistic missiles.

The Jericho ballistic missiles have been developed with American assistance however little is know of the weapon and its capabilities.

Israel missile launch

Avi Scarf, the editor for the English version of Haaretz newspaper, reported that the Air Force dispatched planes and jets to track and handle the airspace (Image: Avi Scarf )

WW3: South Korea concerned for ‘new’ North Korea weapons

Avi Scarf, the editor for the English version of Haaretz newspaper, reported that the Air Force dispatched a telemetry plane, a Hercules cargo aircraft and at least two specially configured Gulfstream G550 aerial surveillance jets to “track and handle it all.”

He added that the planes “flew all the way out past Crete”.

The Foreign Minister’s comments on the back of a letter from three European nations, the UK, France and Germany that was sent to the UN secretary-general.


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Israel news Mohammed Javad Zarif

Mohammed Javad Zarif argued Israel had aimed the missile at Iran (Image: Getty)

The appeal claimed that social media footage captured this year showed that Iran’s new Shehab-3 ballistic missile is capable of carrying a nuclear payload.

This would violate the UN Security Council resolution endorsing the 2015 nuclear deal.

Tehran argued against these claims and noted that social media sources were “unreliable.”

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