Israel Closes the Temple Walls (Revelation 11)

Israel is building n marine barrier with the Gaza Strip- (Photo: via Twitter)

Israel Completes 70% of Underground Barrier around Gaza

October 1, 2019

About 70 percent of construction works has been completed to the underground Israeli barrier along the east of the Gaza Strip, the Shehab News Agency reported yesterday.

Reporting the Israeli TV Channel 12, Shehab said that 1,400 Israeli and foreign workers had completed 43 of the 60 kilometers of the underground barrier.

The barrier consists of two parts; one above ground – which is six meters high – and one underground, whose depth is kept as a secret.

Laborers are working 24 hours a day, six days a week to complete the barrier.

Since the construction started, Channel 12 reported, the Israeli occupation army claimed it had discovered 17 cross-border tunnels allegedly dug by Palestinians.

Reporting a senior Israeli military official, Channel 12 said that after the barrier is completed, infiltration or penetration of Israeli would be an “impossible mission”.

In June 2018, Channel 10 reported that the Israeli occupation army told the government that it would not be dragged into a war with Gaza before the barrier is complete.

(Middle East Monitor, PC, Social Media)

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