86 Shot 1 Dead Outside the Temple Walls (Revelation 11)


On 76th Friday Great March of Return: Palestinian civilian killed and 86 civilians injured
PCHR 28 Sept — On 76th Friday of Great March of Return, a Palestinian civilian was killed and 86 civilians were injured as a result of the Israeli military’s continued use of excessive force against the peaceful protests along the Gaza Strip’s eastern border; 22 children, 4 female paramedics, 5 male paramedics and 2 persons with disabilities were among those injured this Friday, 27 September 2019. This week witnessed an escalation in the use of excessive force against the protesters as injury of 5 of them was deemed serious; one died after hours of his injury while 4, including a child and a female paramedic, are still in a very serious condition.  Further, 40 protesters were shot with live bullets while the Israeli forces escalated their attacks against the medical personnel, which enjoys protection under the international humanitarian law, wounding 9 paramedics, including a female paramedic deemed in very critical condition. The Supreme National Authority of Great March of Return and Breaking the Siege called for today’s protests under the slogan “al-Aqsa Intifada and Palestinian Prisoners”, coinciding with the 19th anniversary of al-Aqsa Intifada. The protests lasted from 15:00 to 19:00 and involved activities such as speeches by political leaders and theatrical performances …
The following is a summary of today’s events along the Gaza Strip border: …
Hundreds participated in the eastern Shokah protests, where folklore songs and speeches were held. Dozens approached the border fence and threw stones and Molotov Cocktails at the shielded Israeli soldiers, who responded with live and rubber bullets and teargas canisters. As a result, Saher ‘Awadallah Jaber ‘Othman (20) was declared dead in al-Shifa hospital at approximately 21:30 after sustaining serious wounds due to being shot with a bullet in the chest at approximately 17:45.

Woman injured by Gaza rocket fire nearly one year ago dies
JERUSALEM (JTA) 24 Sept — An [Israeli] woman has died nearly a year after suffering injuries in a rocket attack into southern Israel from Gaza. Nina Gisdenanova, 74, died last week at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, The Times of Israel reported Sunday. She was in an apartment building in Ashkelon on Nov. 13 when it was hit with a rocket. A Palestinian man [Mahmoud Abu Asabeh, 48, from the West Bank city of Halhul] visiting the building died in the strike; his wife was seriously injured. Nearly 500 rockets were fired at southern Israel from Gaza between Nov. 11 and 13. The barrage began after a botched Israeli covert operation carried out in the Khan Yunis area of the southern Gaza Strip left seven Gaza Palestinians and one Israeli soldier dead.

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