Babylon the Great Will Lose the War Against Iran

US military simulation shows Iran would WIN war against them

US MILITARY situations show that Iran would be able to win a war against them in the Middle East.

By Henry Holloway / Published 7th July 2019

Iran and the US are at each other’s throats amid a new wave of tensions in the Gulf.

US officials have accused Iran of attacking tankers, and Iran has shot down a US drone flying near the the Strait of Hormuz.

It is feared the row – which was initially sparked by the axing of nuclear deal and imposition of crushing sanctions by Donald Trump – could erupt into a hot war in the Middle East.

And the US may do well to remember a military simulation dubbed the Millennium Challenge which was run by the Pentagon in 2002.

The exercise was designed to test the future of the US military against a Middle Eastern opponent – either Iran or Iraq – and ended in defeat for Washington.

Live exercises and computer simulations were carried out in the $250million exercise – which predates the Iraq War.

At the time it was the biggest and most expensive military simulation in the history of the US.

Red team – representing Iran, dubbed OPFOR – had to preserve its ruling regime and drive their opponents out of the region.

Blue team had their objectives is to destroy their weapons of mass destruction, secure shipping lanes and crush the capability of red team to establish dominance in the Middle East.

Officially the US won the exercise, but it was leaked later that OPFOR had actually secured a victory until Pentagon top brass changed the rules.

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