Israeli Army Strikes Outside the Temple Walls (Revelation 11:2)

FILE Photo: The Iron Dome missile defense system intercepting a rocket in southern Israel. Ilan Asayag

Israeli Army Strikes Hamas Target After Rocket Launched From Gaza Strip

No casualties or damage have been reported in what is the first flare-up along the border in over a month and a half

Almog Ben Zikri

29.12.2018 |

An Israel Defense Force helicopter struck a Hamas target in southern Gaza late Friday night after a rocket was launched from the Strip into Israel, the IDF said in an official statement.  

The rocket launched from Gaza fell in an open area and no casualties or damages were reported in Israel’s southern communities. 

Earlier Friday a 26-year-old Palestinian was killed and four others were wounded by Israeli military fire during weekly protests in Gaza. 

According to Gaza authorities, Karam Fayyad was shot during a demonstration east of Khan Yunis. He was rushed to hospital in critical state, but was later pronounced dead. 

Last week, four Palestinians were killed in protests at the Gaza border, including one who succumbed to his wounds on Saturday. 

Since the Gaza border protests began in March, around 240 Palestinians died in confrontations with the Israeli military, according to Gaza authorities. 

This is the first incident of rocket fire since over a month and a half ago when some 460 rockets and missiles were fired from Gaza into Israel. The IDF retaliated by attacking more than 160 targets including buildings belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, killing a total of seven in the Gaza Strip

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