Iran’s Nefarious Nuclear Plan (Daniel 8:4)

Every time the media goes into its “intelligence community assessment” spiel, remember this is the same intel community that lied about Iran’s nuclear plans and completely missed Pakistan’s nuclear program until it went public.

And yes, Iran’s nuclear program was never about energy, but about mass murder.

Iran’s contested nuclear weapons program was much further along than the international community thought, according to a report based on scores of secret Iranian plans seized by Israel and publicly disclosed for the first time earlier this year.

Information obtained in this raid on Iran’s secretive nuclear files has revealed that Tehran was well along the path to building several nuclear weapons by around 2003, including the complex infrastructure needed to produce such weapons, according to a new report from the Institute for Science and International Society, a nuclear watchdog group that has exposed in the past the extent of Iran’s nuclear works.

“Iran intended to build five nuclear warheads, each with an explosive yield of 10 kilotons and able to be delivered by ballistic missile,” the group disclosed in a new report that shows Iran has retained much of its nuclear infrastructure and could continue using it to clandestinely conduct weapons work in violation of the landmark nuclear accord.

The Israeli plans are dated. They tell us more about what Iran had planned, past tense, but even that’s bad enough.

Iran wanted to build 5 10 kiloton nukes. That would have allowed it to wipe out much of the population of Israel. Detonated in 5 major American cities, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and Houston, they would have killed tens of millions.

And that’s where Iran was. Not where it is now.

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