More Threats From Babylon the Great

Pompeo Threatens Iran of Responding Militarily over Attacks on US in Iraq

September 22, 2018

The second most powerful country in nuclear weapons after Russia, the United States has issued an explicit warning against Iran, prompting a war. The US has been raising different warnings since the Tehran-allied militias in Iraq attacked the American Embassy in Baghdad, earlier this month.

On Friday, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened Iran, saying that the Washington would take a direct action against Tehran for any attacks targeting the US interest, even if they are carried out by the Iran backed groups, which are active across the Middle East.

The relations between both the countries have been deteriorating since the US President Donald Trump pulled his nation out of the nuclear deal with Iran, this year.

CNN reported that Pompeo threatened Iran saying, “We have told the Islamic Republic of Iran that using a proxy force to attack an American interest will not prevent us from responding against the prime factor.”

“We will not let Iran get away with using a proxy force to attack an American interest. Iran will be held accountable for those incidents,” he added.

Pompeo was asked if this could mean a military response, to which he said, “They’re going to be held accountable.”

The statements from the top US diplomat came consecutive to the rocket attacks that took place on September 7, where three mortar explosives touched down the ultra-secure ‘Green Zone’, near the US embassy in Baghdad.

The White House blamed Iranian backed militia and issued a statement saying, “Iran did not act to stop these attacks by its proxies in Iraq which it has supported with funding, training and weapons.”

In response, the Foreign Minister of Iran in a statement called the US claims “astonishing, provocative, and irresponsible.”

Furthermore, Pompeo alleged Iran of backing terror groups across the Middle East. He argued that it has been “the world’s largest state sponsor of terror for quite some time.”

He said, “They have armed militias, the Lebanese Hezbollah, Makateeb Hezbollah, militias in Iraq; they’re arming the Houthis in Yemen, launching missiles in the Gulf states.”

Pompeo also added that if Iran is “responsible for the arming and training of these militias, we’re gonna go to the source.”

Is there any halt to the escalating issues between the United States and Iran, or the end to this will be a war?

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