Iran is Correct: US Is Causing Wars Between Muslims

August 20, 2018

Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that US policy is to foment a war among Muslims, reports on Monday, August 20, PressTV.

Speaking, devoted to the beginning of the Hajj, Ayatollah urged Muslims to unity.

“Look at the actions of the criminal American regime. He wants to cause a war among Muslims, to make us kill each other. Muslims must be alert to disrupt these satanic plans. The Hajj recalls the need to fight the pagans” – said Khamenei.

He said that “Hajj is the most important meeting place of different peoples and different generations.”

“Hajj makes all of us think – because it is the embodiment of the unity of the Islamic nation, under the protection of Allah,” added the Ayatollah.

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