The Rising of the Pakistani Nuclear Horn (Daniel 8:8)

5 reasons why Pakistan has the potential to be one of the most powerful countries of the world – Daily Times

Geographical Perfection

Pakistan’s unique location makes it as one of the more essential paths to many key areas of the globe.

This includes Central Asia, the Middle East, South Asia and China. This geographical importance leads to Pakistan being recognised by the top most nations of the world which does and can in the future too, lead to healthy relations with said nations if cooperation prevails.

Nuclear Power

Not only is Pakistan the only Muslim Country with nuclear power but also the world’s 7th largest source of it.

Its competence levels reach the point where it is capable of launching nuclear missiles on a short notice of just 10 minutes.

Diversity of weather and landscapes

Pakistan is one of the very few countries in the world, which due to its geographical location, experiences all 4 weathers throughout the year.

Not only that, but it also consists of a wide variety of topographies. Ranging from the seaside in Karachi, to the city life throughout Punjab, it goes all the way to the varied landscapes of the mountainous areas in the North.

World’s largest salt mine

Pakistan’s salt mine is not only breathtaking in the way it has been naturally structured, it is also the largest in the world.

It consists of 300 million tons of reserves, which will not be exhausted even if mined and consumed for over hundreds of years, consistently.


Pakistan is an agricultural country. If it puts its resources to use efficiently, it is not only self-sufficient in agricultural products like cotton, wheat and all sorts of vegetables but can also produce huge amounts of surplus for export with ease.

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