Russia’s Nukes are Bigger than Ours (Daniel 7:7)

Military & Intelligence


With global tensions running high, the Russian military has considered reviving a decades-old weapon project envisioned by the architect of a Soviet thermonuclear weapon project capable of creating man-made tsunamis and wreaking havoc on coastal regions.

Russian researchers and military engineers are entertaining the idea of creating  a gigantic thermonuclear submarine torpedo envisioned in the 1950s by Soviet nuclear physicist Andrei Sakharov, Shamil Aliev, one of the country’s top torpedo designers, told Sputnik.

„There is a general tendency of reviewing the ideas that weren’t implemented before. … Sakharov’s ideas about making 24-meter-long nuclear-tipped torpedoes with a 1.5-meter diameter and 50-kilometer range are being reviewed,“ he said.

© Photo : Public Domain / U.S. Navy

Aliev was referring to a project known as T-15, which involved creating a 40-ton torpedo carrying a 100-megaton thermonuclear warhead.

As the scientist explained, the purpose of this weapon was to “destroy coastal targets via aquatic explosion,” with a tsunami produced by the blast essentially doing all the work.

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Earlier in March, Russian President Vladimir Putin also confirmed the existence of a new sub-launched nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed unmanned underwater vehicle developed for the Russian Navy called Status-6 Poseidon.

The weapon was described by Pentagon officials as a „major strategic threat“ to US ports, coastal military installations and carrier groups.

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