The Risks of the First Nuclear War (Revelation 8) The Nuclear Risks of India-Pakistan Rivalry in South Asia

Updated 24 April 2018

April 23: report by Joseph V. Micallef states that over the last several years the concern over nuclear proliferation has centered on North Korea’s and Iran’s ongoing efforts to develop nuclear weapons and the missile capability to deliver them at intermediate and intercontinental ranges. Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program, however, which proceeded both those of Tehran and Pyongyang, and which supplied invaluable assistance to jumpstart both those programs, may prove to be just as dangerous and just as destabilizing as those of North Korea and Iran. Pakistan is well on its way, within the next decade, to amassing the third largest stockpile of nuclear weapons. Moreover, its current focus on deploying theater nuclear weapons, so-called low-yield (5 to 10 kiloton) battlefield weapons, represents a dangerous new strategy that has wide-ranging impact on both the stability of south Asia and the threat that a militant jihadist organization will obtain a nuclear device.

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