The threat of world war in Pakistan (Revelation 8)

World War 3: Pakistan is conspiring to ‘BREAK UP’ India, claims top New Delhi politician

INDIAN Home Minister Rajnath Singh has declared Pakistan is aiming to “break up” India by aiding militants to cross the volatile India-Pakistan border into the Hindu-majority country, in signs of growing tensions between the two south-Asian nations.

By Matthew Robinson 05:28, Mon, Apr 23, 2018 | UPDATED: 08:13, Mon, Apr 23, 2018

Expert: Tensions between India and Pakistan are ‘a disaster’

Mr Singh was speaking at a gathering at Diu in the Union Territory Daman and Diu on Saturday, when he criticised the actions of Pakistan.

The top lawmaker said: “We want to maintain good relations with all our neighbours.

“Our sages said the whole world is one family.

“We accept our neighbours as friends.”

Mr Singh noted that India wanted to maintain a friendly relationship with its neighbour
It is helping militants sneak into India, conspiring to break up India despite being a neighbour

The Minister however implied Pakistan was not cooperating with India, saying: “All neighbours are good except one which does not agree.

“You know which one.

“If this neighbour is not agreeing with us today, it will have to do so tomorrow.

“The entire international fraternity is putting pressure on it.

“It is helping militants sneak into India, conspiring to break up India despite being a neighbour.

“It should look at its own weaknesses.”

The politician also used his speech to praise the Indian armed forced for giving a proportionate and “befitting reply” to aggressions from Pakistan.

He said: “We told the Border Security Force (BSF) in September 2014 we should maintain good relations with neighbours, and also with Pakistan because it is our neighbour.”

Mr Singh stressed Indian military responses were simply reactive, and were not the source of the growing tensions.

He added: “I told the BSF and armed forces not to fire the first bullet, but when the other side fires, don’t count how many bullets you fire.”

At least two people were killed when a protest against the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl turned violent in Pakistan on January 10, police said, as a city scarred by child abuse erupted in fury

The lawmaker however warned India has shown its capability to attack its enemies not only in its own territory, but also on foreign soil.

Mr Singh noted while India wanted to maintain a friendly relationship with its neighbour, Pakistan “was not mending its ways”.

His remarks come just a week after the Indian and Pakistani armies were involved in violent clashes along the Line of Control, which resulted in unarmed civilians being killed and injured.

Both Pakistan and India possess nuclear weapons, but none of their weapons are currently deployed.

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