Another Small Quake Before the Sixth Seal (Revelation 6:12)

Earthquake strikes near New York City days after bogus tsunami alert

AN EARTHQUAKE has struck near New York City just days after the state was hit with a bogus tsunami warning.

By Henry Holloway / Published 7th February 2018

2.2 magnitude earthquake strikes near New York City

The 2.2 magnitude quake hit at about 3 miles depth near in Westchester County around 30 miles north east of New York.

Witnesses used the federal earthquake tracker to register they had felt the small tremor at 6.14am local time.

Hundreds of people are understood to of felt shaking from the quake, and one said it was “startling“.

And luckily no one is reported to have been injured by the seismic event.

It comes after New Yorkers were issued with a false tsunami warning from an AccuWeather push alert citing the National Weather Service.

One witness said on Twitter: “We just had a small earthquake by my house.

“It is not uncommon to have these in New York a few times per year.

“Always a bit startling though.”

New York City and its outskirts are not near plate boundaries – but still can suffer rare earthquakes.

Tremors can hit around the Manhattan Island area, and the largest on record is said to be approximately magnitude 5 back in 1884.

Fallen brickwork and cracked walls were reported from this quake as far away as Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

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