Iran is Nuclear Ready (Daniel 8:4)

Tehran could ‘greatly increase’ uranium enrichment – Iran energy agency

Published time: 10 Jan, 2018 13:11 Edited time: 10 Jan, 2018 16:28

Iran’s atomic energy agency said on Wednesday a reimposition of sanctions by the US would be a violation of the nuclear deal with world powers. President Donald Trump must decide by mid-January whether to continue the suspension of US sanctions on Iran’s oil exports under the agreement. If the suspension is not continued, Iran “will, of course, take the necessary actions,” Behrouz Kamalvandi, spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, told state TV. Tehran has “the capacity to greatly increase its enrichment of uranium,” he said, according to Reuters. “The capacity exists within the atomic energy agency to speed up nuclear work in various fields, particularly in the field of enrichment, which can be increased several times more than in the period before the nuclear agreement,” the spokesman said.

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