The Impending Nuclear War (Revelation 8)

Nuclear war ‘imminent’ in South Asia as troops gunned down on border

A CRISIS in one of the world’s most disputed territories has threatened to escalate into nuclear war, after four soldier were gunned down.

By Jamie Micklethwaite / Published 25th December 2017

India and Pakistan’s nuclear arms race intensifies

“The possibility of nuclear war cannot be ruled out” Pakistan’s National Security Adviser

At least four Indian soldiers were killed after exchanging fire with the Pakistani Army on the border known as the “Line of Control”.

The shootout is believed to have started when Pakistani troops attacked Indian positions in the Shahpur area.

The Indian army has blasted the attack from the Pakistani soldiers, calling it an “unprovoked cease-fire violation”.

“The Pakistani army today resorted to unprovoked firing along the Line of Control, killing three troopers and wounding one.

“The slain included an officer of the rank of Major.”

Heavy cross-border firing and shelling was reported following the incident.

Nuclear expert says danger of war is ‘frightening’

The Indian army also launched a retaliatory attack, gunning down a Pakistani soldier near the border.

Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Nasser Khan Janjua said nuclear war could break out in South Asia.

Is this the END of days?

We live in turbulent times. Trump has the keys to nuclear weapons, and could end work to prevent climate change. Putin is looming in the East, the far-right are on the rise in Europe and Kim Jong-un is developing nuclear weapons of his own. Is this the END of days?

He said: “The stability of the South Asian region hangs in a delicate balance, and the possibility of nuclear war cannot be ruled out.

“India has been stockpiling a range of dangerous weapons as it threatens Pakistan continuously of conventional warfare.”

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