North Korea is Getting Nukes From Iran


A FORMER NATO chief has claimed that China, Russia, and Iran could be helping tubby despot Kim Jong Un in his bid to create world-ending nuclear missiles.

Retired NATO Supreme Commander James Stavridis believes the pace of Pyongyang’s weapons development programme suggests that Kim’s regime is receiving outside help.

He said: “You’ve got to think that at least part of it is coming from either China or Russia.

“I have no evidence of that, but the idea that [Kim] would simply be developing this on an indigenous basis within his own population of scientists simply seems unlikely given how fast it’s moving.

“It could also be cooperation between Iran and North Korea, which we do know has occurred in this nuclear space. It’s fair to say there is some level of outside engagement that has been helpful to [Kim’s] program.”

The four-star Admiral added that China will have to decide whether it is going to stand by or against North Korea as tensions escalate.

“China is going to have to make a choice about whether or not it will continue to align with North Korea or if they will stand with the rest of the global community and stop this.

“And the best tool they have is they have control over oil going to North Korea. They could stop that economy in a heartbeat.”

He added: “We’re going to need to put more pressure on them. There’s about a 10 percent chance” of a war.

Stavridis also claimed that President Trump has repeatedly undermined Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s attempt to negotiate with Pyongyang.

He said: “Every time Secretary Tillerson tries to talk about diplomacy in North Korea, for example, he faces a tweet from his boss, the President, saying, ‘We are not going to use diplomacy to solve this. Diplomacy is a waste of time.'”

North Korea releases video of launch of Hwasong 15 ICBM nuclear capable missile ‘able to hit anywhere in US’

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