Iran and Korea: The Elephant in the Room

GETTY'Trump is risking WAR Putin ally warns US President over North Korea crisisNorth Korea and Iran Are Working Together on Nuclear Weapons Technology
Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon told lawmakers that South Korea will explore ways to restore disconnected inter-Korean communication channels following Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile tests in 2016.

The U.S. circulated a draft resolution that would impose new sanctions on North Korea following its first test of an intercontinental ballistic missile, two United Nations diplomats told the Associated Press on Monday.
“China has many times talked about its principled position, namely that at the same time as the global community [is] making necessary responses to North Korean acts that go against UN Security Council resolutions, they must step up efforts to promote talks and manage and control the situation”, Chinese News Agency Xinhua quoted Xi as saying during his meetings with Trump.
Haley told the UN Security Council last week that the United States planned a new resolution which would ramp up sanctions on North Korea but also ensure that existing measures are enforced.
“Considering how North Korea does not have any testing facilities [for re-entry technology], the agency believes [North Korea] has not yet secured that technology”, he said. North Korea has said this is an ICBM.
Pyongyang stated last week the Hwasong-14 flew 580 miles at a maximum altitude of 1,740 miles, and claimed the launch was a “successful” demonstration of ICBM capability.
Yet within hours of the statement, the US and South Korea announced they had held a new ballistic missile drill to counter “North Korea’s destabilizing and unlawful actions”, according to media reports.
Xi emphasised “efforts to promote talks” with North Korea and did not change his passive attitude regarding pressure that could lead to a destabilisation of the regime of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
Donald Trump
GETTYMr Trump is sleepwalking into a”war, a leading ally of Mr Putin has warned
Meanwhile, the upping the ante on China by slapping in late June sanctions on the Bank of Dandong, the mainland lender accused of facilitating money laundering for North Korea.
The Justice Department said the Chi’s network hit transactions which helped fund North Korea’s military and arms programs, the newspaper reported.
Todd Sherwood, an attorney who served in the Air Force for 15 years, told The Post that if North Korea were to do anything serious, the USA military reaction would probably be “disproportionate” and severe.
Last Tuesday, Moscow, and Beijing released a joint announcement that united them together as one party with similar views on North Korea.
“We really must think very carefully about what is the best approach in the Security Council because a resolution, sanctions, are themselves not an objective”, he said.
It should be abundantly clear now to people who still believe diplomacy (appeasement) can work that economic sanctions have been a dismal failure to stop North Korea from crossing that red line.
Russian President Vladimir Putin today underlined the importance of staying calm in the North Korea crisis, saying nuclear-armed Pyongyang should be dealt with in a “pragmatic” manner.

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