The Nuclear War by Sea (Revelation 15)

Central Chronicle
China and Pakistan are alarmed at the fast development and deployment of state of art defence missiles and most updated submarines in the defence system. The China has posed a proxy threat that in view of India defence preparedness it would provide missiles and submarines to Pakistan match India’s capability.
The Pakistan has filed a complaint against India with the Missile Technology Control System – a group of 33 nations. India is member of the MTCR while is Pakistan is not there. India recently test fired the updated version of rocket Pinak-2. A Multi-Barrel Rocket launcher can fire launch 12 Pinaks at a time.
The Pinak is a weapon that can target and destroy enemy bunkers in the range of 50 kilometer. India has prepared a submarine Khanderi with French support costing 24 thousand crores of rupees of Scorpion class. It can fire at the sea surface at warships and deep inside can hit enemy submarine.
Two year back in April 2015 India has already inducted Kalbari submarine in the Indian Navy. India has come up in missile system upto the stage that now it will soon supply it to the Vietnam. India is carrying out ‘Bombay High’ type oil exploration in the sea territory of Vietnam. China is facing rough weather on the South China Sea as no nation of the Pacific Ocean accepts claim of China on it.
The nominated Secretary of State Mr.Tillersome of America has said that China would have to dismantle its artificial islands on the Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is having 70 per cent of trade sea-routes of the other nations. The Pacific is International waters. The China has launched a new electronic intelligence naval ship.
The China is expanding its presence in Sri Lanka in building new seaports with Chinese assistance. The former President Mr.APJ Abdul Kalam has started and developed India’s first missile. The Missile programme was approved and launched by the Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi. India has many series of missiles of Akash, Prithvi, Nag, Pinack etc. India takes into account its mighty presence in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

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