Antichrist Calls for more Demonstrations

Middle east monitor
Powerful Shia cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr called earlier this week for a demonstration against an Iraqi court ruling that returns his bitter rival, ex-Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, to a vice presidential position.
The ruling announced on Monday by Iraq’s federal court is “an attempt to bring back corruption” Al-Sadr said in a statement on his website. Without setting a date, he also called for a protest to take place after Ashura, an event observed by both Sunnis and Shia in different ways.
Al-Maliki took one of three vice presidencies two years ago after he failed as prime minister to stop Daesh from sweeping across the country and was pressured to step down by both the United States and Iran as the two powers came to an agreement over the divisive former prime minister, widely acknowledged as sectarian.
The federal court overturned a decision last year by his successor Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to scrap the three vice-presidencies, in what he said was an effort to cut costs after a collapse in oil prices curtailed national revenue.
Al-Maliki served two four-year terms as prime minister and his conflict with Al-Sadr goes back to the first, when he ordered the army to crack down on the cleric’s militia with US support in violence that left hundreds dead in Baghdad and Basra.
His bloc in parliament in recent months has taken steps to investigate and dismiss ministers in Al-Abadi’s government, fuelling speculation that Al-Maliki is planning to return to power when Daesh is defeated.
Iraqi forces are preparing an offensive to take back Mosul in northern Iraq, the last city under the control of Daesh, with the backing of a US-led coalition.

Pivoting Towards The Nuclear Holocaust (Revelation 8)

This past summer witnessed yet another people’s uprising in one of the longest running, and most ruthless, military occupations in modern times: the Indian occupation of Kashmir. The callous indifference to decades-old Indian atrocities against the people of Kashmir, including well-documented incidences of torture, disappearances, ‘encounter killings,’ rapes, and outright massacres, ought to put the international community to shame. This, after all, is a ‘conflict’ – a euphemism for a military occupation – that the UN and international law has clearly adjudicated on many decades ago, but Indian recalcitrance, Pakistani fumbling, and international criminal neglect have let the blood of Kashmiris spill uninterruptedly.
What started out in June of this year as yet another outbreak of Kashmir outrage at the Indian cold-blooded murder of a prominent Kashmiri freedom fighter very quickly became a pretext for the Indian elite to convert the issue of oppression and occupation of Kashmir into ‘cross-border’ terrorism from its arch-rival, Pakistan. It was a convenient diversion from the root of the conflict, the military occupation, to one of Pakistan up to its old tricks, sponsoring jihadi terrorists.
What enabled the Indian establishment to ratchet up its aggressive posture was a militants’ attack on its military occupation base in Kashmir, Uri, on September 18th. Without offering any evidence, blame was placed on Pakistan and for the first time (outside of the context of war) since the partition of the Indian Subcontinent into a Hindu-majority India and a Muslim-majority Pakistan, the Indians publicly declared that they had violated the Line of Control – the unofficial ceasefire line – dividing Pakistani and Indian Kashmir, and had sent special forces and helicopter gunships to attack Pakistani ‘militants’ and soldiers on Sept. 28-29.
The significance of this raid by the Indian military cannot be underestimated. The near unanimity of the Indian political, military, and media establishment to demonstrate Indian military prowess vis-a-vis Pakistan is particularly disturbing and dangerous. Commentators have pointed out the particular hawkishness of the current rightwing BJP regime in regard to such bellicose posturing, but that is misleading. Across the ideological spectrum in India, there is a view to abandon the so-called ‘strategic restraint’ and ‘teach Pakistan a lesson’ that will once and for all anoint India the unrivaled hegemon of the region and beyond.
But there is a larger, more dangerous geopolitical chessboard on which all of these developments are unfolding. The Indian establishment has always been frustrated by Pakistani support for groups in Kashmir and beyond. What explains the timing of such flagrant demonstration of potentially catastrophic militarism at this point?
The answer may lie in the reticence of Washington’s response to such a blatant violation of international law by India. Of course, the US and its special forces’ raids and drone strikes in Pakistan are emblematic of the same phenomenon. But this near unanimous endorsement of India’s raids in Pakistani-held Kashmir, from influential individuals associated both with the Bush Jr. and Obama administrations, indicates that the gloves are off now when it comes to targeting, humiliating, isolating, and potentially dismembering Pakistan.
In an unprecedented move, the Indian Prime Minister earlier this year said that India has to give ‘moral support’ to the Baloch insurgency. Though there is a genuine struggle for justice among the Baloch against the excesses of the Pakistani state, this Indian line is consistent with now well-documented Western think tank policy prescriptions to destabilize, undermine, and dismember Pakistan. Conspiracy theories don’t start to look so conspiratorial anymore.
What of course has infuriated the Pentagon and the CIA about Pakistan since the invasion of Afghanistan in the so-called ‘War on Terror’ is the Pakistanis’ inability to ‘do enough’ to curtail the Taliban resistance, or rather, actually, to do the opposite: give it safe havens and perhaps even support it. The Pakistani establishment, like all states, believes in hard and fast realpolitik, knows that US-NATO forces will be forced to withdraw one day and hence, Islamabad has kept it’s horse in the race (i.e., the Taliban) intact.
But that has been low-intensity conflict, if you will. Washington will occasionally launch a drone strike here, a special ops raid there (like killing Osama), or even an air strike once in a while (that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in the Pakistani base of Salala) – just to send a message to the Pakistanis, a message that of course had little effect. At some stage, the US has understood its defeat in Afghanistan as a fait accompli, and the Pakistanis are merely relied upon to facilitate NATO supply lines to allow the US to maintain the fiction that it has control over Afghanistan and its puppet regime there.
All of these crises in West Asia, whether in Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan, compelled Obama to ‘pivot to Asia,’ to focus on containing the rise of the real, formidable competitor, China. While all of the ‘usual suspects’ of the Pacific nations have been mobilized in that objective, including Japan, South Korea, Australia, and so on, there was one power that – if cajoled into this grand alliance – would be a huge prize. That power was India. And that is precisely why the US has entered into all sorts of geopolitical, military, security, and economic arrangements with India that allow the latter to obtain the confidence as an effective sub-imperialist hegemonic power. In short, Washington wants India to move toward being a ‘frontline’ state in American belligerence toward China, and for now, New Dehli seems to be happily playing that game.
If Pakistan was being slapped on the wrist now and then before, now the new ‘partners in crime’ – the US and India – are hell-bent on punishing Islamabad. The reason is that whereas for most of Pakistan’s history it had a close relationship with both Beijing and Washington, now it is much more the former at the expense of the latter. The $48 billion dollar being invested by the Chinese in the Pakistan China Economic Corridor, which would give the Chinese access to the Pakistani port of Gwadar, is anathema to both Washington and Dehli. In case the US tries to blockade China in the South China Sea, Beijing – if this corridor goes through – would still have access to a port in the Indian Ocean, not to mention another formidable nuclear-armed military on its side, that of Pakistan’s.
This is the stuff that makes movies and fictional novels so thrilling. In real life, what these geopolitical developments point to is perhaps the most dangerous moment for human life since the Cuban missile crisis. Two nuclear armed countries, India and Pakistan, are on the brink of war because of Washington’s drive to contain and undermine China, embolden – to reckless levels – its newfound close ally, India, and push the rulers in Islamabad to a point where they feel isolated enough to also act and react in potentially dangerous ways.
Meanwhile, just like the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine seems to be forgotten amidst the chaos and destruction that Western interventions and machinations have created in West Asia and North Africa (WANA), so it seems that the harsh Indian occupation of Kashmir, and the thousands of Kashmiris who have suffered, is obscured by Western imperial hegemony and the way it has fueled regional conflicts and rivalries. As Noam Chomsky points out, it has been a miracle that nuclear weapons have not been used again since the US deployed them in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. That miracle may no longer be sustained if imperial hegemony and its geopolitical theatrics continue to value domination over the survival of the human race.
Junaid S. Ahmad is the Secretary-General of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST), Malaysia.

US Bringing World to the Brink of Nuclear War

By: Cindy Sheehan
What’s happening in Syria has been going on for over five years and it’s not a civil war. The conflict began as a U.S.-funded effort to depose President Bashar Assad and install a puppet government in Damascus friendly to U.S. interests. I am sure there are some legitimate forces in Syria who oppose the government of Assad, but the U.S. does not care about democracy—afterall Assad was elected by his people.
Also in Syria, approximately one dozen militias are not only trying to overthrow the Assad government but they are also fighting amongst themselves . The ranking Democrat on the U.S. Congressional House Intelligence Committee, uber-Zionist Adam Schiff of California, said of the phenomena of CIA-funded militias fighting in places like Aleppo, “It’s part of the three-dimensional chess game.” This chess game, played by empires for millennia, profit the wealthy and as always, the people pay the heavy price.
Today we learned that China is contemplating joining Russia and Syria in their alliance to protect the sovereignty of Syria and for stabilization in the Middle East.
The U.S. has long invaded and provoked weaker countries like Afghanistan and Iraq which have little hope of retaliating but nonetheless use what resources they have to fight off U.S. imperialism. However, provoking Russia in places like Syria and Ukraine seems to be the height of arrogance and stupidity on the part of the U.S.
For many years, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been the rational actor in this insane U.S. provocation, but Russia is getting ready to fight back—reportedly holding civil defense drills, warning Russians abroad, and even testing nuclear missiles.
US Foreign Policy: Killing People to Save Them
Some of us see no hope for the mis-leaders here in the U.S. to provide some sanity in its foreign policy. In the last U.S. presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the war criminal Clinton reaffirmed her hardcore stance to go to war with Russia, through Syria, if necessary. Clinton also declared her support for a “no fly zone” over Syria, which the chair of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford said would require 70,000 U.S. troops to maintain and would definitely mean war with Russia.
Even though Russia has been invited into Syria by the government—as rational people who are filled with apprehension over the reality of this danger—we should be calling on all world leaders to pause in their rush to war.
But the only thing that can really stop imperialist carnage is an international working-class force, refusing to be used as cannon-fodder for capitalism, and instead fighting for socialism.
Our very survival as a species depends on international solidarity.

The Coming South Korean Nuclear Horn

As North Korea continues a push to bolster its nuclear arsenal, tensions on the peninsula are forcing some in South Korea to question if it may be a good idea to bring nukes back to their turf to deter their aggravating neighbors to the north. Stationing nuclear warheads in South Korea, proponents argue, would have the added effect of increasing pressure on nearby states like China and Russia to deal with North Korea seriously.
Support for bringing nuclear fire power back as a “balance of terror” has traditionally come from more conservative lawmakers in South Korea but the idea has been gaining steam with more moderate politicians there lately as well, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.
“The South Koreans are so nervous because they don’t know what they’re looking at,” Robert Kelly, a professor of political science at Pusan National University in South Korea, told the Journal.
There would be some obstacles if the nuclear idea took root: South Korea would be breaking international nonproliferation agreements that commit the country to maintain a “nuclear-free Korean peninsula” in exchange for protection from the United States.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s military has been aggressively upgrading since 2014, increasing tensions with South Korea and the U.S. It has made repairs and upgrades to ships in the country’s navy and upgraded its ballistic missile capabilities. As the United States presidential election in November has drawn closer, the North Koreans have also been testing long range missiles relatively frequently in what some have called an attempt to provoke South Korea and the U.S.
U.S. and South Korean military officials have reportedly been participating in drills this month where soldiers practice removing Kim and his leadership from office should North Korea cross the line from demonstrations into actual attack. The American aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan — which has nuclear power and has three separate air-to surface missile systems aboard — ran drills in the Sea of Japan with South Korean forces for six days this month.

The Truth about the Scarlet Woman (Revelation 17)

It is time someone got to the bottom of everything that people say about Hillary Clinton. Who is she? More importantly, WHAT is she? I have compiled the following timeline of her life by combining all the actual theories about her. When lined up together, they form quite a biography.
Before Time, Before the Earth Was Made, Before Matter and Being and History: Hillary Clinton (Lucifer, Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, Prince of Darkness, Satan, She Whose Many Names the Cats Scream in the Night) is cast out of heaven for overweening hubris. She is condemned to lie in eternal torment in a lake of fire surrounded by her fallen angels, or, alternatively, to run for a major office while female. For thousands of years she lies outside time, smelling of sulfur, before deciding to undertake the second option.
Oct. 26, 1947: Hillary Clinton, a robot, is constructed by Saul Alinsky, then slipped into a bassinet and delivered to the Rodham house, where it stores its Six Human, Relatable Memories of squeegeeing, family life and honest toil.
Fall 1965: The young Hillary Clinton is replaced by a new model, this one with glasses. It retains only one of the memories, the squeegeeing. It attends Wellesley, where it decorates itself with spectacles and what conservative commentators will later describe as ONE VAST AND HIDEOUS EYEBROW LIKE A CATERPILLAR IN WHICH MANY WELSH MINERS COULD BE TRAPPED AND LOST AS IN A HORRID, THORNY FOREST.
[These books will help you hate Hillary Clinton. But only if you already do.]
Spring 1969: Hillary Clinton graduates from Wellesley, although first she gets in touch with Alinsky and his mentor, Satan. She fails to mention at the first meeting that she, too, is Satan, and then once they know each other it seems too awkward to bring it up. As a consequence, the Devil mentors Herself for many decades, wasting everyone’s time and effort. She also founds the Islamic State. She will toil for many years in secret on this passion project, keeping it even from Bill, whom she is about to meet. Once, during his presidency, he will ask, “Is there anything I should know about, Hills?” and she will shrug and say, “Nah.” A bit confusingly, she also begins to fight the Islamic State, which she will spend her entire adult life doing.
Fall 1969: At Yale Law School, Hillary meets Bill Clinton, who courts her by staring at her from across the room while their eyes speak the Old, Dead Language of the Darkness Beyond Worlds. She is also a lesbian, who, interestingly, does not let this dissuade her from pursuing numerous heterosexual affairs, for which, although frigid, she has an inexhaustible appetite. It is at this time that she acquires her witch powers (she is also a witch), although her familiar, the cat Socks, will not manifest until the Clinton administration, when she will use him to contact Eleanor Roosevelt.
1969 to present: Hillary accomplishes nothing. Every time she appears to have made progress on a project or contributed to an achievement of any kind, she carefully arranges things in such a way that no one will give her any credit, unless, of course, the thing is negative, in which case she will turn out to be solely responsible.
1975: Bill and Hillary wed. They possess a unique marriage in which both have full and perfect knowledge of the other party’s activities at all times.
1980: Bill Clinton loses the governorship. In consultation with the team of Illuminati, demons and robo-Hitlers who have been supervising Hillary Clinton’s progress thus far, her robotic shell is replaced with another, different one that does not wear glasses and is blonder. The people of Arkansas consider this an improvement, although they complain about its inability to bake.
1992: Bill Clinton is elected president. The era of general prosperity that follows only serves to confirm the fact that Hillary Clinton is the Antichrist (in addition to being a witch, a robot and Satan. Yes, ladies, you can have it all.)
1998: Bill Clinton is impeached. Hillary Clinton goes berserk, throwing lamps, cursing and setting small fires with her eyes. Everyone who wanders into a certain wing of the White House complains of a buzzing sound, like a thousand flies, and a persistent stench of sulfur that will not dissipate. The cat Socks disappears, and the shadowy form of a giant feline in an overcoat is seen stalking the streets near the Treasury before yowling and disappearing into the mist. Beavers attack the cherry blossom trees.
2000: Hillary Clinton is elected senator from New York. Unlike any other senator before or since, she is given a special Deciding Vote that allows her to pass any legislation she wishes (a fact Donald Trump will call attention to during the second debate). Oddly, she chooses never to exercise this power, except to force us into war with Iraq (necessary to support the Islamic State, her pet project). Any reforms or bills that you wanted that did not pass during her years in the Senate were her fault.
2001: Pictures show Rudy Giuliani standing next to Hillary Clinton at ground zero, but he insists years later that she was not there and that he never saw her. This is obviously witchcraft.
2008: Hillary Clinton and her friend invent the birther movement, which Donald Trump will spend the next eight years trying to quash. She loses the presidency to Fellow Antichrist Barack Obama after a secret game of rock/paper/scissors/thousand-razor-sharp-tentacles but is glad for the opportunity to become secretary of state and give her fledgling Islamic State a chance to soar. She has also been murdering people every year — just, like, constantly murdering them — but no one says anything about it since she is female.
2012: Hillary Clinton deliberately orchestrates even MORE murders and treasons this year, most prominently in Benghazi. This is also the year when she pens numerous smoking-gun emails, explaining her deep loathing for the American people, desire to ruin the country, complete incompetence in making deals, deathly illness, inability to get anything done, the fact that everything that has transpired in the United States in her lifetime has been the result of her ingenious and diabolical schemes, and how these statements are not contradictory. Unfortunately, she deletes these VERY carefully.
2013: Hillary Clinton vanishes into hibernation to meditate and shed her lizard-skin. (She is also a lizard-person, in addition to being a Nameless, Timeless Evil.) Just to add difficulty to her next run as president, she decides to cultivate several Very Serious Medical Ailments, including but not limited to at least eight strokes, dropsy and the King’s Evil. This is hard to pull off because she is a robot, but she is committed.
2015: Hillary Clinton resumes her quest for the presidency. First, though, she meets with an International Banking Conglomerate to solidify the plan for the New World Order.
2016: Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination by deliberately suppressing the votes of all Bernie Sanders supporters. Frankly, it is a miracle we even know there WERE such things as Sanders supporters. Also, she orchestrates the murder of Justice Antonin Scalia. She activates a spell cast on Donald Trump decades before at his wedding, which causes everything that comes out of his mouth to sound like the racist, sexist ramblings of a deranged conspiracy theorist. Trump tries valiantly to lay all her activities bare to the American people, but people cannot hear his truth through Hillary Clinton’s powerful cloud of witchcraft, which she uses to summon women everywhere whom he has wronged.
2017: Hillary Clinton takes office. Her first act is to replace the entire Supreme Court with a series of corporations cleverly disguised beneath large robes. She sheds her robot-witch exterior and resumes her beastly form, flying up over the White House, engulfing everything beneath in a deep shadow, and ending the American way of life as we know it.
Everyone was right about her all along.