The Source Of Nuclear Terrorism (Daniel 8:4)

Pakistan nukes 

Pakistan: Where Nukes and Terrorists Are Exported!

Balochistan News

Against the backdrop of a possible Indian intervention in Balochistan, Gen Raheel Sharif sent a clear message of threat to a number of audiences, saying “We are aware of our enemies, know their tactics and to spoil their designs we would go beyond even the last limit”, hinting the use of nuke against “enemies”.

But Before this, recently, Pak-based Jihadi terrorist, Hafiz Saeed, the chief of  Jamaat-ud-Dawah, directly conveyed Pakistan’s message to India and US in which he threatened both countries of dire consequences “if it continued to show aggression against Pakistan and let US aircraft to use its airbase, Islamabad would not hesitate to use nuclear bombs if New Delhi attacks”.

With the bogy of nuclear threat and Jihadi proxy wars Pakistani state hardly left a stone unturned in its nefarious designs to trouble India and Afghanistan, even the US and NATO members. Pakistan state has hijacked the peace and prosperity of the region with proxy wars just for the sake of Punjab interests.

But in response what is deterring India and America to take on Pakistan for a meaningful engagement against its supports to insurgents and terrorist attacks in India and Kabul is widely believed to be the paranoid of nuke threat that Pakistan possesses.

After the Modi’s historic speech at the ramparts of Red Port, in which Balochistan was mentioned, the question of Balochistan independence widely spiraled in Indian media that unnerved Punjabi establishment! And it quickly gained popular support from every section of Indian political society. Given the general public opinion in Indian social media regarding the support to Balochistan freedom movement, we can say so far so good! But Baloch intelligentsia is of the opinion that Baloch leadership must be taken on board with a holistic approach!

Now, before saying anything on Pakistani nuke threat, it is necessary to know that in fact, it is Punjab that is solely micro-managing entire Pakistani state affairs right from the Beginning through its armed forces, as Punjab is the Serbian character of the compressed chamber of so-called Pakistani federation.

The biggest question here is that: can the Punjabi Generals be stupid enough to risk its cities to be the targets of Indian nukes that Punjab rulers developed with looted natural resources of Baloch?  Now the point is that we Baloch didn’t have any enmity with India, it means our villages and hamlets cannot be the legitimate targets of Indian nukes! Thanks to Punjab-led Pakistani containment policy, Baloch didn’t build Dubai like skyscrapers in Balochistan.

However, In case sanity betrayed Punjab’s intelligentsia, India then can redefine its nuke doctrine along that line of above facts. That means India would have to train its nukes at Punjab’s major cities as prime targets in order to neutralize Pakistan nuclear threat; as it is a well-known fact that Taliban and Nukes together are Punjab’s strategic assets. Regarding the nukes, here I would like quote one of my close friends who often says that “the razor is in the hand of monkey”. It must be taken away from it before it is too late. It means the security screws must be tightened around Punjabi military establishment.

Why we insist that Pakistan is the smokescreen of Punjab? The two headed beast of Punjabi ultra-nationalism never allowed this unformatted country to become a genuine federal state. Punjabis apparently never formed a nationalist party in the name of Punjab interest; yet reclusively, they’re extremely ultra-nationalists regarding their hold over Pakistani state affairs and that ultra-nationalism is shrouded in the garb of Pakistani nation! They don’t trust other nationalities except themselves. Yet the Islam is the shield they use to draw legitimacy for the smokescreen of Punjab, called Pakistan. The same Islam is also used on the peripheries of Pakistan’s so-called ideological and geopolitical boundaries.

What are Punjab’s interests in case Pakistan broke into pieces? It would be the biggest loser! From Sindh It loses the access to Karachi commercial port for export and import. From KPK it loses the free hydroelectricity. From Balochistan it loses the natural gas that is running through the veins of its cities like blood and other precious mineral resources, including uranium and gold, besides military geostrategic depth. In return, what other provinces get from Punjab under its dominance? The answer is: they get nothing except death and destruction!

As the world knows that it is Punjabi dominated Pakistan’s army that has been calling the shots all along in all state affairs internally and externally! But the question is that what is the composition of Pakistan army?

According to Stephen P. Cohen (“The Idea of Pakistan”, Oxford University Press), around 70% of the army officers are from Punjab, 14% from former NWFP, 9% from Sindh, 3% from Baluchistan and 1.3% from Azad Kashmir. According to Cohen the ratio of Punjabi in the senior ranks has increased to more than 80%.
Now this Punjabi dominated army is engaged in a sinister war against humanity in Balochistan with blanket impunity committing Baloch genocide thereby contravening Geneva Convention. What is more, it is now no more a traditional army; it is now a jihadist army targeting Baloch, Afghan and Indian civilians. It is the moral obligation of civilized world to defang Punjab army threats by stripping off its nuclear arsenals.

The gangs of Jihadists that Pakistan army created in Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan are getting 70 billion annually as rewards to help contain Baloch and Pashtuns under abject poverty and provide legitimacy to Pakistan’s illegal existence in Balochistan and KPK since Zia era! Punjabi generals exploit religious sentiments in the name of holy wars as Jihad and use the religious fanatics for its nefarious designs in Afghanistan and India.

Almost every region of this globe, one way or another, has been affected by Punjabi led Pakistani terrorism. Holistically, it is the responsibility of all responsible nations to stop Punjabi generals from committing war crimes in Balochistan and its Jihadi wars in India and Afghanistan.

Empathically, we want the international community to understand the fact that Pakistan is committing Baloch genocide just because Baloch want to liberate their homeland from Pakistani occupation. Current Baloch leadership is extremely aware of the politics of the bargaining chip in the regional conflicts. Baloch don’t want to be a part of that, rather, they want to be a real partner in peace and prosperity as enjoyed by other nations of the world.

The secular Baloch have a logical case to present before international community for consideration. Baloch lost their sovereignty to British-backed Pakistani aggression in 1948.  We believe, if Balochistan, as a secular and democratic nation, was helped to regain its sovereignty, would be the antithesis of the universal concept of Jihadism of Islam and would radiate secular and democratic values in the region.

Archen Baloch is a freelance Balochistan journalist, he tweets from @ArchenBaloch, He is associated with Free Balochistan Movement under the leadership of Hyrbyair Marri.

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