Obama States The Obvious (Ezekiel 17)

Nuclear Terrorist Attack Would ‘change our world’, Says Obama


He said world leaders and other participants at the conference had expressed concerns about Trump’s comments during private conversations with him at the summit meeting, which gathered more than 50 world leaders to discuss ways to reduce the threat of a nuclear attack, whether from the leakage of nuclear fuel or the theft of a bomb by a terrorist group.

There’s still a great deal of nuclear and radioactive material around the world that needs to be secured”, he said pointing to growing plutonium stockpiles and “expanding” nuclear arsenals that include small tactical nuclear weapons “in some countries”.

“The person who made the statements doesn’t know much about foreign policy, or nuclear policy, or the Korean Peninsula, or the world, generally”, Obama said.

But while no terrorists has yet gained possession of a “dirty bomb” made of radioactive materials, Obama said, such terrorists pose a persistent and evolving threat.

The cycle of nuclear security summits was launched in April 2010 by President Obama. And the USA and Japan announced they had finished removing hundreds of pounds of weapons-grade material from a Japanese research reactor, and they pledged to do the same at another.

But critics say the deal merely delays Iran’s nuclear progress – and doesn’t end it for good.
“We will have to see how willing China is to fully implement the sanctions but thus far, there’s evidence – conflicting and incomplete but nevertheless credible – that Beijing today is doing more than it has ever done to enforce United Nations sanctions”, the expert, now a managing director for business consultancy Bower Group Asia, said.

He also affirmed Vietnam’s commitment to continue contributing to facilitating the application of peacful nuclear technology, including ensuring security for nuclear power development.

The rare summit among leaders of South Korea, the United States and Japan has left a critical question unanswered: Whether North Korea will change its course in the face of mounting pressure.
In a speech delivered at the opening meeting of the fourth Nuclear Security Summit, Xi said China has been committed to stepping up its own nuclear security while advancing global cooperation.
Some of the world leaders who attended a White House summit dinner Thursday were from countries that have been directly impacted by terrorist attacks.

It was a major achievement for the Obama administration that hails it as a milestone in the effort to curb nuclear proliferation.

It said Kerry, during his conversation with Doval, indicated that India and the U.S. have begun conversations about Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programme and Kerry also praised India’s “responsible stewardship” of its nuclear weapons.

He has also said he is open to using nuclear weapons to settle a conflict in Europe.

That’s why we’ve been leading a global effort to secure the world’s nuclear materials.

In Pakistan alone, Central Intelligence Agency drones strikes have killed almost 2,400 people since 2004, according to a report by the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Morocco, which is among the few Arab and African countries taking part in this worldwide event, plays an important role in the process of nuclear security summits.

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