Babylon Pounds The Ram (Daniel 8:5)

shi'ite fighters tikrit

The military has released videos of the US pounding ISIS targets around Tikrit

US Central Command (CENTCOM) has released twelve videos of US airstrikes against various ISIS targets around the Iraqi city of Tikrit.

CENTCOM conducted a total of 17 strikes against ISIS targets over the night of March 25 using a combination of fighter, bomber, and remotely piloted aircraft.

“In Tikrit, 17 airstrikes struck an ISIL building, two ISIL bridges, three ISIL checkpoints, two ISIL staging areas, two ISIL berms, an ISIL roadblock and an ISIL controlled command and control facility,” CENTCOM stated in a press release.

The strikes were conducted after the Iraqi Ministry of Defense asked for US assistance in dislodging ISIS from the area. The strikes have been greeted with skepticism as Iranian-led Shiite militias have taken the lead in the Tikrit campaign. The militias have been implicated in human rights violations targeting Sunnis. Some fear that the US-led coalition’s mission against ISIS could be complicated if it’s viewed by Sunni Iraqis as providing air cover for sectarian abuses.

As of March 12, the US has spent a total of $1.83 billion in the war against ISIS. This amounts to approximately $8.5 million a day.


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