US & Iran Behind Sectarian Wars In Iraq

The ISIS – An ‘American-Zionist-Iranian Device’ (Kitabat, Iraq)
“Notice how the goal is the same in both Iraq and Syria: to stir sectarian war. And notice that backers of both wars are also the same: the Iranians and Americans. … The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham is an American-Zionist-Iranian device that seeks to usher us into a sectarian world war – beginning in Iraq and Syria. … Allah save Iraq and its people and protect them from this filthy sectarian war, and defeat those who promote it, stir it, and light its fires.”
By Abd al-Jabbar al-Jbouri
Translated By Lina Barakat-Masroujeh
January 21, 2014
Iraq – Kitabat – Original Article (Arabic)

The phrase “sectarian war” is not mine. Before it was uttered by Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, I hadn’t heard it. Maliki used it before launching his military assault on the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in the al-Anbar desert. While he addressed crowds in the rebellious province’s sit-in squares, he fired off several remarks revealing the mission of his military campaign against the ISIS, telling the people in the squares that are being led by al-Qaeda and ISIS affiliated leaders; that the war is being fought between descendants of Hussain and Yazid [referring to the cause of the original breach between Sunnis and Shiites, triggered by the 7th century succession debate after the death of the Prophet Muhammad]; and directly addressing the crowds, saying that a sea of blood lies between “you and us.”
These statements were sufficient to stir up instability and frighten people across Iraq. Laying behind them was the deliberate intention to quickly trigger a sectarian civil war. Maliki’s startled political opponents rejected these sectarian and reprehensible statements, which may well lead the country into the abyss of sectarian civil war. Most prominent among them are leader of the Sadrist Movement Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of the al-Iraqiyya bloc Iyad Allawi, [Iraqi Front for National Dialogue leader] Saleh al-Mutlaq, and others. What is behind these statements, why are they being made now, and what will their repercussions be for Iraq and the region?
To start with, one cannot overlook Maliki’s visits to both the White House and Tehran, from which he failed to win approval of a third term. It is noteworthy that the military attack on the ISIS and al-Anbar was prepared directly after the two unsuccessful visits. What else could he do but blow up the situation and steer the country away from preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections, which will confirm his failure to secure a third term thanks to his own Shiite coalition’s insistence that he be absolutely excluded?
Given his escalating crises with political opponents, particularly the Sadrist Movement and the Kurdistan Alliance [DPAK], Maliki has no option but to return the country to the furnace of civil war – a war blessed by the Obama Administration and supported by aircraft, missiles, etc. It is blessed, too, by Tehran, which is making all needed military and political preparations for a sectarian war and intervention (remarks by Iranian leaders expressing a willingness to participate in the war against the ISIS in Iraq make this obvious).
So off to al-Anbar Maliki goes, leaving his desert war with the ISIS behind him, and pouring scorn on the people of al-Anbar, disturbing the same wasp’s nest as the American invaders. A few days ago, one U.S. Army commander said that Maliki will lose the war in al-Anbar “as we did.” Consequently the people of al-Anbar in Ramadi, Fallujah, Qaiem, Ratbeh, Saqlawiyyah, Karmeh, Hadithah, Mashahdeh, Tarmeyyah, Abi Gharieb, and other constituencies and districts, have revolted against Maliki’s forces.
War has broken out in the constituencies and districts of al-Anbar, Karkouk, Ninawa and Diala Provinces. It has transformed from a war against the ISIS to a civil war, which is precisely what Maliki wanted: a war between the descendants of Hussain and Yazid – without providing a clue as to who the descendants of Hussain or Yazid are in this filthy damned war.
Like it or not, this is the situation in Iraq. The proof can be found in the sectarian provocations offered via satellite TV by both sides. It is the same state of affairs as is occurring in Syria, where a civil war is being waged between Iran and its Revolutionary Guard, its Iraqi militias, Lebanese Hezbullah, and the army of Bashar al-Assad, against the Free Syrian Army, the Islamic Front and the al-Nusra Front. Notice how the goal is the same in both Iraq and Syria: to stir sectarian war. And notice that backers of both wars are also the same: the Iranians and Americans.

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