Beware of the First Horn

Beware of Iran!

Arab News
Published — Monday 7 October 2013
Last update 6 October 2013 11:12 pm

Iran is playing its cards very carefully. It seems that the elections — in which Hassan Rowhani emerged victorious — were part of a grand Iranian scheme to deceive the world and to get rid of the sanctions that have crippled its economy.
Obama and company must tread carefully on the nuclear issue. Iranians have realized that rhetoric would not pay off. The venom spat by former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad failed to make any difference; it actually pushed Iran into an economic mess. Having realized the fact, an ever-smiling Rowhani has been installed; who could keep the West engaged in sweet talks and the regime would continue enriching uranium behind the scenes.
Rowhani, to me, is nothing but a distraction, a tool to keep the West busy and to buy Iran time to further its hegemonic designs in the region. Obama is, no doubt, in a tight spot as the recent thaw in US-Iran ties has created unrest among US’ Arab allies. The recent telephone conversation between Obama and Rowhani has set the alarm bells ringing in the Gulf region. The possibility of a shift in Gulf countries’ policies toward US cannot be ruled out. Russia is ever ready to exploit the situation. The only impediment in Russia’s way is its support for Bashar Assad’s regime. The situation, however, can change at any given time.
I was just wondering are we once again moving toward a new Cold War. — Rashid Jan, Jeddah

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