Antichrist to Topple Iraq Government

Muqtada Sadr calls on government to resign
The leader of Sadr Movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, called on the government to resign as it is in a countdown, Nina news said.
Releasing a statement, Sadr said he will not give the government another chance after Saturday bombings that killed more than 60 people.
He asked people to “rise up and demand the resignation of the government that kept nothing but his throne, and those with him.”
Sadr stressed he would not give the current government a hundred days or even less than that, and the government is now in the final countdown.
“We do not see today, but silence does not exceed shy condemnation, which cannot feed hungry mouths or provide security or peace for Iraqis,” he continued.

“Kirkuk is suffering as Baghdad and the provinces in the center, south and north, which become vulnerable to bomb attacks, bombings and assassinations and the militias move freely and the government is not moving or saying a word,” he went on to say.

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